Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Dream Home Is Ready

Some time ago...which was before Jordan boy was born, my wife and I thought that we needed to find a bigger nest for ourselves. Our current home is a tad small. That is why we want to buy a bigger, comfortable home for our Jordan boy and Jasmine girl. So more than 2 years ago, my wife and I was scouting for our dream home in Malacca, we managed to find one which is big and affordable. Both my wife and I  have just graduated, so we need a home which will not break our banks but at the same time will be our prefect sanctuary.

BACK IN 2010
(Visiting the show house)
We brought Jordan boy to have look at our would-be dream home. :)

We were in our car, searching high and low for our dream home. We chanced upon a semi-detached house which cost around RM200Ks, too bad it was too small and is located a bit too far away from the city. All hopes seemed lost until we stumbled upon a road sign, telling us that there was a showhouse nearby with few houses available to be booked. The moment we reached the show unit, it was crowded. My wife and I instantly fall in love with our new 4 bedrooms-2 bathrooms dream home and decided to book it on the spot. We were very lucky as there were only 3 units left for booking. The others had been grabbed. See how good the houses are?

Back then Jordan boy was only 3 months old. :)

My wife was standing at the corner of our living room.

Look UP-it's 18feet tall! :D

A week later, we were busy inking the deals with the banks and the developer to buy our new home. So why did my wife and I did not hesitate even for a bit to buy the house? For starters, our dream home is really affordable at only RM168,000. Secondly, our dream home is relatively huge (for us at least :p) and TALL, measuring at 24x70 even  though it is a single-storey house. The height of the ceiling in our living room is 18 FEET TALL! Our dining room is equally tall as well. Even the second and third rooms boast a height of 15 feet each complete with air wells. That's really spacious.

The dining room is equally tall. :)

In the kitchen. :)

There is even some land for us to do gardening. :)

Now you know why both my wife and I are so in love with this new home of ours. It is so tall, fitting a ceiling fan will be a problem. Ha :D Then again our home will be very spacious and not to mention AIRY! I have been there a few times in the afternoon, and my...it is really cooling even without any fans. Another reason why we love our dream home is because our reputable developer is giving us a lot of value for our money. For example, all the land of the houses are fully built, meaning that you don't have to waste money for extensions etc. Besides our home also comes with full car porch (18 feet long), which extends right to the gates.

(Our completed home)

Our very dream home is ready. :)
Look at Jordan boy. He can walk on his own already.
We even added a new member-Jasmine girl. :D

We will be moving in soon. :)

The keys to our dream home. WOW. So many of them.

We just received our keys to our dream home last week after receiving our CF. My daddy, my wife, my son and my daughter are really overjoyed. Now that our dream home is really, we need to "polish" it a bit. First up is to find any defects to it which we have to report to the developer. Then I will be registering our utilities such as the power and water supply. After that we will be installing iron grills, do some renovations and voila we will be moving in by the end of this year. Yay! :)

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