Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jordan Has Been Reading Books Even Before He Was Born

Yours truly me, comes from a poverty-stricken family. Back then we were so poor that we could only afford  to have a single table fan for our whole house. We were really struggling financially. However the love of my devoted late mommy and daddy allowed us to tide through the rough, choppy waves. No matter how poor we were back then, my parents have always insisted that we should (must) DO well in our studies. We survived and after both my brother and I graduated, our living quality has improved tremendously. True enough, education is very important.

7 months old Jordan boy with one of his story books.

And that is exactly what my wife and I are going to give both our babies. I am a firm believer that education is the key to unlock possibilities in our future. Knowledge has the potential to liberate us from our shackles; It definitely allows us to live a better, more meaningful life. That is why I want to give my babies an early head start. That is why my baby Jordan has been reading even before he was born. Yep. My wife and I had been reading books for him during her pregnancy, every single night. So in mommy's tummy, Jordan boy has been a reader. Ha :D

Jordan boy looking attentively at his book.

Usually we will read him stories about moral values etc. :)

Mommy is all smiles playing with little Jordan.

After Jordan boy was born, we still read to him. In fact, we have noticed that he does pay attention while we are reading him stories. Perhaps it is because he had listened to these stories before? Even though now we don't read stories for him every night, Jordan boy will still read his story book on his own. Every morning he will grab a few of his books and leafs through the pages looking at the colourful pictures. :) I believe this is a great start for him. Of course, her sister is following in his footsteps as well...even though most of the time she is chewing the story books. :p

Jordan boy and his story book. Ha :D