Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone 5 Fans & Buyers Are Idiots [VIDEO]

NOTE: If you are wondering whether you should buy Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 then you should read this. WARNING: Apple fanboys should not be reading this OFFENSIVE post at all!

Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Apple iPhone 5...which is the better phone? Of course it is Samsung Galaxy S3 even though it is released a few months earlier than the new so-called next big thing-iPhone 5? Come on! You don't need to be a genius to know that Samsung Galaxy S3 is way better than iPhone 5. Besides the brain-washed Apple Fanboys who are always living in denial, of course only IDIOTS will want to buy the new iPhone 5 which is actually an outdated phone. :/

Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Apple iPhone 5.
It's very clear, isn't it? You don't have to be a genius to know about this!

No disrespect to anyone (especially those who LOVES Apple)...but I just don't like how Apple is doing their business. The way they are trying to push others around with so-called "patents" that they didn't even invent makes me sick. Besides I hate when Apple brag and make it sound like their new iPhone 5 is like the best phone EVER...when IN FACT there are plenty of other smartphones (Motorola RAZR HD Maxx, Nokia Lumia 920 etc.) which are miles ahead of the new iPhone 5.

You need to watch this to know why Apple iPhon 5 is not the next big thing.

Why on earth does Apple want to LIE? Why on earth would Apple want to claim that their new iPhone 5 is the next big thing? When in is just like an ordinary upgrade...from 3.5inch to 4inch etc? Fanboys are claiming that iPhone has made a quantum leap because it comes with 4G...wait...other smartphones have 4G like months ago ok? There is nothing revolutionary new at all about the new iPhone 5...well...except for the fact that their new headphone jack is FINALLY being placed at the bottom. Duh! There is still no microSD slot, there is still no NFC why on earth does the new iPhone is the next big thing when it lacks so many things?

Watch how iPhone fanboys think that the new "fake" iPhone 5 is better!
They can even differentiate between an iPhone 4S and another iPhone 4S?
See how disillusioned these fruity people can be? Haha :D

Then when iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 finally comes with NFC...Apple fanboys will say, "OMG! That is so revolutionary! That is so cool!"...You get what I mean now?

Of course, I won't deny that iPhone 5 is a good smartphone but it is certainly not the best smartphone around and iPhone 5 is DEFINITELY NOT THE NEXT BIG THING! For goodness sake...why would Apple wanna brag about it? The next big thing? Are you kidding me? Why would Apple want to mislead the public? And I certainly hate it when Apple fanboys come to me and show off their "outdated" smartphone and had the cheeks to brag how awesome their smartphones are. IDIOTS! Go and camp and line up for days to get you new Apples! You bunch of disillusioned fruits!

P.S.: Sorry for the rather crude, uncivilized and slightly biased post against Apple. I just hate  Apple for being a smug!