Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone 10-Have You Seen It?

I am sure all of you (especially Apple Fan boys and girls) are so worked out with the latest iPhone 5 right? After all, it is a complete upgrade from iPhone 4S, so naturally this Apple will be selling like hot cakes. Then again iPhone 5 has yet to adopt a few of the latest technology available such as NFC and wireless charging capability. So are  you still contemplating whether you should upgrade to the new iPhone 5 or wait till the release of the next iPhone...maybe you should wait for the release of iPhone 10. Seriously!


Those Apple purists who are so "AMAZED" that the new iPhone 5 boosts a new larger 4inch display (it's like so yesterday) will surely like how LONG the screen is on iPhone 10 (above). There are 15 rows of icons which can be displayed on the HUGE screen of iPhone 10. I don't think you even need to swipe to the other page anymore. WHAT??? Still NOT LONG ENOUGH for your need? Worry not iPhone 20 is in the pipeline right now. Haha :D

Coming soon...

WOW! iPhone 20 certainly looks like the phone that everyone must have. Imagine you can fit all the apps that you have on the 32 rows visible on the screen. That's like having everything you need right under your nose-just a touch away. Rumours have it that meteoric-iron will be used to build iPhone 20-making it one of the toughest smartphone ever! It is also claimed that iPhone 20 will be able to emit razor-sharp laser particles, making it an ideal saber! That is why Jedi has already relayed a message from a future, giving its seal of approval. So who wanna pre-order your iPhone 20? :p

P.S.: Yours truly me is not an iPhone hater, it's just that I HATE how Apple is doing their business.