Friday, September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S: What're The Differences?

Finally the much anticipated iPhone 5 has been unleashed! Are you happy? Honestly I am not impressed with the new iPhone 5 (No! I am not bashing iPhone). Even though iPhone 5 looks like it has leapfrogged it predecessor (iPhone 4S) in a lot of department, iPhone 5 is still relatively weak compared to other smartphones on the market right now. IMHO, there is nothing much to shout about if we were to compare iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S3 (even though Apple has months to make it better than the latter). So if you plan to upgrade your really old phone or smartphone, here are a few things about the new iPhone 5 that you need to know.


8 Things That You Need To Know About The New iPhone 5
  1. iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm thick (18% thinner compared to iPhone 4S) and 20% lighter as it tips the scale at 112grams.
  2. Viewing pleasure-wise, iPhone 5 packs a 4inch (finally) Retina Display which Apple claims have better colour saturation. This allows the new iPhone 5 to have extra set of icons to be displayed.
  3. As for connectivity, iPhone 5 now supports LTE, which is a true 4G connection.
  4. New A6 CPU-inside: This new processor is said to be 2 times faster than the brain inside of iPhone 4S. It is 22% smaller than its predecessor and definitely more energy-efficient.
  5. Better cameraS: Although the rear camera on iPhone 5 is still more or less the same as iPhone 4S-8MP with 5 element lens and an f/2.4 aperture. However the real stunning improvement about the camera on iPhone 5 is its shutter speed which is 40% faster compared to iPhone 4S. So you won't miss a thing now?
  6. Besides, iPhone 5 camera boost a new Panaromic Shooting Mode which can stitch together an effective 28 MegaPixel photo. This is truly something to shout about!
  7. Welcome Lightning-the new dock connector which is 80% smaller. Finally they have shrunk the tail!
  8. iPhone 5 will be powered by iOS6 which will have more features and comes with a more "understanding" Siri. Ha :D



iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S what's changed
iPhone 4S
Price (on contract)$199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB$199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB
ProcessorApple A6Dual-core Apple A5
Display4-inch IPS 1,136 x 6403.5-inch IPS 960 x 640
Pixel Density326 ppi326 ppi
Storage16GB / 32GB / 64GB16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Primary camera
8 megapixel AF with flash and f/2.4 aperture
8 megapixel AF with flash and f/2.4 aperture
Secondary camera"FaceTime HD" at 720pVGA at 30fps
Video recording1080p at 30fps1080p at 30fps
CellularGSM / CDMA / LTEHybrid GSM / CDMA "World Phone"
WiFiDual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 (tbc)Bluetooth 4.0
Orientation sensingAccelerometer, digital compass, gyroscopeAccelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope
FaceTimeWiFi and CellularWiFi-only (iOS 5)
SIM standardNanoSimmicroSIM
Battery life
Up to 8 hours talk time on 3G
Up to 8 hours data on 3G
Up to 8 hours data on LTE
Up to 10 hours data on WiFi
Up to 40 hours audio
Up to 10 hours video
Up to 225 hours on standby
Up to 8 hours talk time on
Up to 14 hours talk time on 2G
Up to 6 hours data on 3G
Up to 9 hours data on WiFi
Up to 40 hours audio
Up to 10 hours video
Up to 200 hours on standby
Weight112 grams / 3.9 oz140 grams / 4.9 oz
Dimensions(TBC) x 7.6mm115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm
ColorsBlack / WhiteBlack / White

So are you excited with the new iPhone 5? I am pretty Apple fan boys and girls are jumping up and down and over the roof with this new "unbelievable" iPhone 5. I must admit that iPhone 5 has certainly improved their cameras a lot. However it still cannot be compared to Nokia's really amazing PureView. That aside, AS USUAL there is nothing much to talk about iPhone 5 hardware specifications. Do note that NFC is still not available, which is really a shame. Do you think the new iPhone 5 has really emerged from iPhone 4S' shadow? I don't think so. So what say you folks?

So who want to buy the new iPhone 5?

The verdict: iPhone 5 is not really a revolutionary device from Apple. I personally believe that iPhone 5 fall short of expectations. Maybe Apple has really lost their mojo after the demise of Steve Jobs. So should you buy the new iPhone 5? If you own the previous version of it-iPhone 4S, the answer would be a NO! However if previously you had given iPhone 4S a BYE (meaning that you own either iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4), anticipating this new iPhone 5, then the answer is yes. Do note that shipments in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore start on September 21st, but you'll be able to pre-order starting on the 14th. Apple plans to add 20 more markets in the coming month. I wonder when it will reach Malaysia. Check out the comparison of iPhone 5 prices.