Friday, June 22, 2012

IC, Why Did You Hide In The Washing Machine?

The other day when I was in the office, I took out some money from my wallet. As I was grabbing some cash from my black leather wallet...I realized something was missing. I had a hunch that something important was not in the wallet and so I checked. To my utter IC (Identification Card) was missing! Hoping that I would have misplaced it or dropped it...I scoured every single pockets in my pants. was really gone! OMG! What if I was stopped by the police on my way back home? They might throw me into jail. Worse still...what if someone abuse my IC and up to no good. :'(

Thank goodness my wallet is still with me...

So the next morning, I immediately took some time off from my work and paid the police station a visit. Upon arriving, the policewoman waved me away telling me that since I had only dropped my IC and not the entire wallet, I didn't need to lodge a police report. Very well. So I made my way to the NRD (National Registration Department) to make a new IC. However I was told that I needed to wait for 3 months before I would get my new IC. On top of that I had to fork out RM110 for my new IC. So NO...I decided not to make a new IC because I BELIEVE it will return to me one day. :/

There you are. Why are you hiding in the washing machine?

So that evening as I was taking the clothes out to be hung, I saw something that really carved a smile on my face. I opened my washing machine and there it was, laying patiently among the washed clothes, waiting to be picked up by me. I am glad that I have found myself...I mean my IC. If not I would be identity-less for 3 months and I would have been RM110 poorer. See? When you BELIEVE in something, it will happen. Just like what the Secrets told us. Yay! :)

It's good to see me again!