Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Baby Just Did WHAT???

Some say that baby is a messenger of peace and love; A resting place for innocence on earth, a link between us, human and angels. How so profound huh! I can't help but think about my 2 babies when I am working or away from them. It's like I don't wanna miss a thing about them at all. How I wish I can spend all my time with them, watching how they grow up. You know...if you look closely, our babies are like angels whose wings keep on decreasing when their legs are increasing in length. Don't you agree? Ha :D

Nothing is more precious than spending time with my little ones. :)

We, parents devote our time to take of our little ones; We give our undivided attention for them; More importantly we shower them with our TLC (Tender Loving Care) all the time. Sometimes we yearn for them to grow up faster...but once they become grown up...we would reminisce about how they used to be right? That is why we should capture photos and videos of our babies for they are priceless moments that money cannot buy. I try my best to snap my babies' photos and capture their videos whenever possible. How about you?

Priceless smile. :)

Precious moment-It's bathing time! :)

I am sure we will be giggling happily when we look back at photos or videos of our babies right? We can't help but be amused with their adorable and somewhat funny antics. Speaking of photos and videos of babies, do you know that there is a competition for your babies? I stumbled upon My Baby Did What? facebook page, whereby parents can submit their babies' photos and videos to win cool, exciting prizes (more on this later). So how can we submit our babies' photos and videos? By the way, you don't have to buy anything to participate in this contest (Yep! No proof of purchase is required).


3 Simple Steps To Participate In My Baby Did What?

1~Log on to Facebook/DrypersMY and click on the My Baby Did What? link. Don't forget to like the page ok. :)

2~Download the My Baby Did What? Application and follow the given instructions to submit a video or photo of your baby. Well...the funnier, the better of course. :)

3~Share your submitted video or photo with your friends and get them to vote for you.  The more votes you get, the higher your Loveability Metre will be. Prizes will be awarded to the most lovable videos and photos each week!

Contest Prizes

Winning videos:
Monthly Prizes: RM5,000 x 2 Winners x 2 Months.
Weekly Prizes: RM400 worth of Drypers products x 1 Winner x 8 Weeks.

Winning Photos:
Monthly Prizes: RM1,000 x 2 Winners x 2 Months.
Weekly Prizes: RM400 worth of Drypers products x 1 Winner x 8.

If you are parents to babies and toddlers who are between 0-4 years old, you are encourage to participate in this contest. After all you have nothing to lose right? Perhaps this can be the very first contest your little ones can join. Take this opportunity to let your babies shine a bit. They need some limelight to grow more confidently. So are you going to submit your babies' photos or videos...or both? I suggest that from now onward we should be holding our camera or videorecorder all the time, just to capture those priceless moments of our little ones. Remember timing is everything. Make sure your fingers are stuck to your camera's shutter. Haha :D
Don't forget to vote this picture of Jordan boy ya. :)