Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You The Next Lee Hom? I Might Be The One [Videos+Pics]

Who doesn't know Lee Hom? He is arguably one of the finest singers in his era. I got to know him after listening to his song You & I which is really catchy. Lee Hom then showcased his vocal prowess in The One & Only that really made my head turned. Ever since then he has been singing his heart out to entertain us. Besides singing, Lee Hom's other forte include piano-playing and acting, just to name a few. So who (especially the girls) can't help but fall in love with this lanky, handsome singer?

The multi-talented Lee Hom.

Recently Lee Hom came to Malaysia to throw a concert for his devoted legion of fans. I am sure a lot of you fans out there are happy to be closer to Lee Hom right? I wouldn't mind going to his concert to join his awesome music and bask in the euphoric atmosphere! Too bad! I have babies to take care. I know some of you ardent fans missed his concert (again) right? Fret's a contest for you to show your love for him-Be Like Lee Hom & Win Contest! Are you ready to strut your stuff? Here's how:
1~Send A Video: Send a video of YOU singing, impersonating, lip-syncing, playing musical instruments or even dancing to any of Lee Hom's songs. It is totally up to you on how you wanna let your creative juice flow. You can show off either your Lee Hom-like vocal or just do a comical cover of his song with your thick Angelina lips. The funnier or the crazier you are, your chances of winning will be higher! Your videos should be 30second-10 minutes recording that you will need to upload to

Lee Hom's The One & Only Parady by me. Don't laugh... :'(

2~Send Your Voice Recording: So you think you can sing as good as Lee Hom (or even better)? Good, it's time for you to come out of the Karaoke Lounge and let all of us including Lee Hom to hear your voice. Dial *22099 and sing along to Lee Hom's songs. So who wanna be a pop star?

A~hem. Let's hear it from me. Beware: My voice "broke" here and there!

3~Send An MMS: This has got to be the easiest way to show how alike you are to Lee Hom. All you have to do is take out your phone and snap a photo of you which resembles Lee Hom. Pose like Lee Hom and send your photo to 23131. Perhaps your photo will be used as Lee Hom's upcoming album cover? Who knows right?

Below: The handsome Lee Hom

Behold: The HANDSOMER "Lee Hom" (me~lar) 
So can feel my heartbeat now?

So what will you get for being just like Lee Hom? The Grand Prize is....Lee Hom's imported Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar. Wow...super awesome! There will be 5 Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hit Album to be won as well. So what are you waiting for? It's time to show off the Lee Hom in you. Who can very well be his protege right? Then again...I really wanna get my hands on that damn awesome Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar!

the lucky winner of the Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar!

P.S.: Special thanks to my dearest wife for helping me to film my crazy videos. Glad that both videos only needed 1-take. :)