Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can You Help Daddy To Make 3 Calls?

Why? Why it is not my turn yet? I have been calling and calling and calling, it seems like luck has been evading me huh! Or is it because God of Fortune is still mad at me for not throwing him a party for this year's Chinese New Year? Haih...I wonder why that stroke of luck never come? It seems that calling my bosses and colleagues non-stop is not adding any luck for me either. I wonder when it will be my turn to win that Talk-A-Thon RM5,000 shopping voucher. I need a change of plan.

Jordan~Can you help daddy to make some calls?

What I need right now is a brilliant idea that should work perfectly. This so-called flawless idea is Plan B. B as in Baby! Yes, in my Plan Baby I am going to ask my little Jordan to make that extra 3 calls on behalf of me. They say babies possess that immense luck that can harnessed to bring good fortune. I have personally seen my uncle who initially kept on losing in our Black Jack game. But once his daughter came to his side...OMG! He turned the table and "robbed" us of all our money. So Jordan~boy~are you ready to help daddy to win that RM5,000 shopping voucher?

Yes Jordan boy. All you need to do is help daddy to make 3 calls. :)

How many more "calls" you need me to make~daddy? Nom~nom~nom~

We divide 50/50 ok? You can use your share to buy whatever toys that you want. While daddy will be using the remaining RM2,500 shopping voucher to buy furniture for our new home. Deal? Ha :D I am sure both of us can make it if we try~just the two of us~you and I. :) So are you guys joining this contest as well? All you have to do is make extra 3 calls to participate in this Talk-A-Thon contest to win RM5,000. Every day there will be 5 lucky winners. I am sure I am going to be one of the lucky winners...sooner or later. LOL :D

Visit: for more details.

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