Friday, September 2, 2011

Many Faces of Little Jordan In The Shopping Cart

Last week when we were back in Taiping, little Jordan had a lot of riding in the shopping cart. Ha :D Still remember little Jordan's very first ride in the shopping cart? Now he is far more stable, and he even attempted to get out of the shopping cart on his own. So while we were shopping in Taiping, we would put him in his "Driving Seat". In the beginning he refused to sit in the shopping cart as he wanted to be carried by us. But after a while we could see he was enjoying his ride. Vroom~

Little Jordan in his shopping cart.

Look at him. He was trying to escape. Ha :D

I wonder who designed the baby or toddler "seat" for shopping carts. Frankly is not very toddler-friendly. Why would I say that? Well...because most of the time...the "driver" can only see the person who is pushing the shopping cart. So you can imagine why little Jordan doesn't like to be placed in the shopping cart. Haha :D Then again after a while he would smile and giggle as he was being pushed around in the shopping cart. Right Jordan boy?

Let's see how little Jordan is enjoying his ride, shall we?
He is still trying to figure out how to climb out of his seat.

Must sit properly Ok Jordan boy?

Grandpa patiently pushing little Jordan around.

What's with the cheeky face and tongue Jordan boy?

Ah~Kong (Grandpa) teach you the names of vegetables, OK?

This is broccoli. You must eat a lot of vegetables~o.

Why? You don't want to eat vegetables?

Having said so, the toddler's seat in the shopping cart is really a welcomed convenient for parents as we can do our shopping without carrying our little one. The only thing missing is the safety belt. LOL :D So did little Jordan enjoy his shopping cart rides? Of course he did, especially when grandpa was the one who has been his chauffeur. Besides being able to sight see from his priority "seat", little Jordan has also learnt a bit about vegetables from grandpa. So now you know what is broccoli, carrot and cauliflower right Jordan boy? Must eat a lot of vegetables ok. :)

So you like Capsicum huh~Jordan boy. :)

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