Thursday, August 4, 2011

Riding The Shopping Cart For The First Time!

It took him some time to sit and play on his own; Then we say how little Jordan was overjoyed to be sitting in a baby chair; wife and I has finally allowed little Jordan to enjoy his latest "ride"-the shopping cart. Previously my wife and I were reluctant and worried to put little Jordan in the seat compartment of the shopping cart as he might lose his balance and slip. But last week, we decided to let little Jordan be a bit adventurous. Finally little Jordan could ride a shopping cart. About time right? Ha :D

Little Jordan's very first shopping cart ride. LOL

Grandpa was his chauffeur.

Little Jordan experimenting with his "steering wheel".

Look at little Jordan. He was beaming with joy~:D

Do you enjoy your ride Jordan boy? What have you shopped? You can see that he was touching the holding the shopping cart rather curiously right? It was after all his very first encounter with a shopping cart. He must be overwhelmed with his new experience of being "in" the shopping cart. Maybe he was a bit scared at the same time? Ha :D So what other rides do you wanna try Ah Dan~boy? How about daddy's bike?

Wanna ride daddy's Black Horsy or not?

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