Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Jordan Sitting And Playing On His Own

Finally little Jordan can sit steadily on his own for some time and plays with his toys. Time flies. From laying on his back helplessly to turning side ways on his tummy; to crawling backward...Now little Jordan can sit with a bit of assistance. Actually he has started to sit on his butt for a few months already. But only recently he managed to carry out this "feat" almost independently. Haha :D But sometimes little Jordan will think that we will be holding him or sitting at his back supporting him...that's why he still stumbles quite often. :p

Little Jordan sits on his own now. :)

Unlike other babies especially the female ones, little Jordan is a bit slow with his "motory" department. He is relatively a slow turner, crawler and now...sitter. :p Maybe it is because my wife and I have been pampering him too much? We are bad parents aye. I think it doesn't matter as long as he is healthy and happy. And he sure is happy to be carried around by us all the time. The following are some photos and a video taken some time ago showing little Jordan sitting on his own while playing his toys.

Little Jordan picked up his Disney Tigger Rattle.

This Tigger Rattle is one his oldest toys. :)

So how do you wanna play with it? :)

Shake it?

You wanna give it to daddy?

Photobucket wanna "eat" it.

Watch how little Jordan sitting and playing on his own.

It doesn't matter if he is slow. Slowly but surely he will catch up with the others. :p I somehow believe one day he will be an excellent athlete. I am sure my baby Jordan can emulate me one day. Watching his growing up is an utter joy. I am glad that I am able to be there to witness his every movements. So when are you going to walk little Jordan? :p

My little Jordan is reaching further and further...

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