Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether For Little Jordan

A few weeks ago I bought Disney's Tigger Baby Gift Set for my Jordan to don during his full moon celebration. I bought it because my little Jordan is a little tiger himself (born this year-Tiger year). There are Tigger's clothes and pants, mittens, booties, hat and even a Tigger soft toy. Then recently both my wife and I have bought two new toys for our little Jordan.Guess what? It has something to do with the famous cute Tigger from Disney, again.

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Disney's Tigger Teether & Rattle from Fisher-Price.

The other day while I was at Jusco, buying wet tissues for my baby, I came to the baby department. There are shelves of baby toys waiting for you to bring them back home. Frankly I am amazed with the plethora of baby toys available for parents to choose. So many variety, that's why I love to shop in Jusco though sometimes they can be pricier. I searched high and low for a suitable toy. Do you know I spent half an hour looking for the ideal toys for little Jordan? Goodness.

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Tigger Teether. Can you spot the 3 green frogs?

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Little Jordan's favourite-Tigger Rattle!

Eventually I made up my mind and picked up two toys for my little Jordan. They are Tigger Rattle and Tigger Teether. I really love these two toys because both of them feature the Tigger. Each of these toys cost me around RM30. That's why these Tigger rattle and teether are a tad expensive since they are manufactured by Fisher-Price. But I guess it is worth the money because they are really high-quality toys. Both of these Tiggers are durable and I don't have to worry about the paints getting off etc.

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Jordan~papa and mommy bought 2 new toys for you~o. :)

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Do you love your Tigger rattle?

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
The smile on his face says it all.

Disney Tigger Rattle & Teether
Yummy or not? :p

I am really, really happy to know that our little Jordan is really enjoying his new Tigger rattle and teether. He loves to play his toys a lot especially the Tigger rattle. Every time when he is crying, we immediately shake his Tigger rattle and he will keep quiet and look at his Tigger friend. Little Jordan will follow the Tigger rattle and listen to the rattling sound. And do you know that this rattling sound can make little Jordan fall asleep? Magical right?  So don't forget to buy toys which are safe for you babies ok. :)

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