Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faye Wong's Best Compilation Album For My Wife

It's such a shame that my wife can't attend Faye Wong's concert in Malaysia. My wife is such a big fan of this elusive Hong Kong singer. The last time she came to Malaysia, my wife couldn't attend her concert because she was sitting for her STPM. And now...she still can't attend Faye Wong's concert due to inevitable, foreseeable reason. So my wife can't see nor hear Faye Wong live in action at Putra Indoor Stadium this 6th of November. It was my fault (I can't tell you why). I am to be blamed for causing my wife to miss her idol in action...again. She is not angry with me but I know she is a bit disappointed. What can I do to make it up to you...wifey?
The music concert that my wife should have been...

After pondering for such a long time in the office, I have finally thought of how I can allow my wife to listen to Faye Wong's voice without being there. Of course watching Faye Wong belting out songs live is like 1,000 times better. But I guess my wife will still love to listen to Faye Wong's "original" voice. That's why I decided to buy Faye Wong's latest so called best compilation album (阿菲正傳) for my wife. I hope she will love these original CDs & DVD. It's like the least I can do...

This is for you~my beloved wife.

In this compilation, there are 3 CDs and 1 DVD featuring the Faye's best hits. So there will be like 48 of her greatest songs for my wife to enjoy. She can play them again and again. Isn't this better than the concert? I guess not aye. :/ I have personally listened to a few of them, but I believe my wife will enjoy them better as she is a fan. Hopefully this little gift of mine can somehow be a consolation for my wife for not being able to watch attend Faye Wong's concert. I am sorry. :'(

Faye Wong's Best Compilation Album-(阿菲正傳)

Clockwise from top left: Album cover, lyrics book, poster, CDs and DVD.

Aww...this poster...it looks special right?

I swear that the next time Faye Wong is here again, I will buy the VVIP seat for my wife. My pockets will burn but it's ok. I am not going to let my wife down again. Not next time. So I am praying very, very damn hard that Faye Wong will be coming back to Malaysia again as soon as possible. Preferably next year as she is not young anymore. For now the next best thing that I can give my wife is Faye Wong's CD. I am such a useless husband. I am so sorry. :'(

Let's listen to Faye Wong's latest duet with Eason Chan:
Because of Love...

...hubby bought this album for you. So please don't scold me, saying that I am wasting my money~o. Hubby hope you will love this gift. You can find it in your pink "pillow". :)