Monday, August 22, 2011

Pimp Your Internet With New Celcom Broadband

I would say that besides spending quality time with my wifey and baby...most of the time I would be sitting in front of my laptop doing my job (be it personal or...well, work). Most of the work that I am engaged in requires me to be connected to the internet. When I need to submit reports and files to my clients, it means I need internet; When I need to upload photos and videos before publishing my latest blog post, it means I need internet; When I wanna watch Katy Perry's Firework on Youtube, it means I need internet.Obviously I cannot imagine a day in my life without internet...

Me-The Social Creature!

I don't know about you, but I get most of my daily doses of local and global news from the internet. That's not all...yours truly me is one self-confessed social animal (virtually of course): I poke my buddies on Facebook; I shared important information with my friends on Google+; I let you stalked me with my foursquare check-in; I showed you the food that I am about to devour on Twitpic and last but not least...I rant on Twitter. All of these activities of mine goes to show that my life has been internet-lized! *dumbstruck* How about you folks? Is internet important to you?

Arrgghhh~I am so going to fix you-lousy internet!

From my point of view, being able to use the internet is no longer considered as a luxury. That's why internet has become a necessity to me. More so because I am making quite some decent money out of it. So I cannot think about waking up in the morning and not being able to use my internet. Then again having broadband  internet with poor connection and without good coverage means nothing at all either. Now...imagine you are uploading a 100MB video onto Youtube which is going to complete soon. When you hit 99%  your lousy internet suddenly got disconnected and aborted you upload. Tell me what will you feel? Freaking frustrated right?

*gasp* The latest Celcom Broadband Plans.

Calm down~stop throwing punches at your USB modem(s). So NOW...Do you are agree with me that we need reliable broadband internet with good coverage right? Put all your worries aside as Celcom Broadband is here to rescue all of us. Do you know that Celcom has the widest broadband coverage in Malaysia at about 80% of our population? On top of that Celcom has won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan's Mobile Broadband  Provider award for 2 consecutive years. This proves that Celcom Broadband is reliable. Does this make it easier to choose your broadband internet now?

Celcom Broadband subscribers can expect more surprises soon:

Data Volume
June-Sept 2011
700 kbps
1.5 Mbps
3.6 Mbps
7.2 Mbps
Sept 2011 onwards
Up to 3.6 Mbps
7.2 Mbps
Additional Benefits
Net Safe
RM4.99 / month
RM 4.99 / month
FREE 1 month
FREE 3 months
FREE 12 months
FREE 12 months

Coverage and awards aside, now I want to bring your attention to something that I have discovered recently. Apparently Celcom has been quietly upgrading their broadband speed and data volume for all its existing broadband plans. So now with Lite Plan (RM48) you will get 1.5GB of data with bandwidth speed of 700kbps. For Basic Plan (RM68) you will get 4GB of data with bandwidth speed of 1.5Mbps. If you need more Celcom has Advance Plan and Pro Plan to cater to your needs. That's not month (September) onward, subscribers of Lite Plan and Basic Plan will also be able to enjoy download speed of up to 3.6Mbps. Talking about pimping your internet huh!

MusiCube-Celcom's very own music player.

You can enjoy all your music from MusiCube!

Apart from pimping our internet, Celcom is also committed in pimping our lifestyles. Ha :D What do I mean? I believe most of us are also music lovers right? Introducing Celcom's very own music player-MusiCube! All Celcom Broadband subscribers will be enjoying MusiCube which offers unlimited music downloads and unlimited access to international songs! Now you can own all the songs sang by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Awe~some! Best of all you can listen to all the songs you have downloaded even if you are offline. Looks like we have a winner here for all music lovers huh!

It only costs very little for a huge difference.

It seems that Celcom really cares about our safety huh! Now all Celcom Broadband subscribers can surf the internet with complete peace of mind, thanks to Net SafeNet Safe is pocket-friendly, meaning that it can be installed in your USB modem itself. Net Safe is your very own 7-in-1 security suite which offers antivirus protection, firewall, browsing protection, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam, Parental Control and even Real Time Protection. So make sure you are being protected.

Now you can be in the spotlight too.

So have you subscribed to Celcom Broadband yet? Make sure you subscribe to one of the affordable Celcom Broadband plans before you "balik kampung". You don't want to spend your Hari Raya or holidays without internet access right? And if you sign up with a new broadband plan now, you will get your hands on one of the 4 latest MTV World Stage USB Modems! You can choose from 4 uber cool designs according to different music genres-rock, hip hop, electro and pop. OMG! I hope I can get one of the limited edition USB Modems. Sign up for another Celcom Broadband plan? Haha :D

Which is your favourite?

Check out the revamped Celcom Broadband plan if you want to pimp your internet right now!