Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Oral-B Vitality Power Brush

Those who have always been lazy to brush their teeth will be happy to know that we do have electronic tooth brush (for like ages already). Yes! Now all you have to do is hold this so-called electronic toothbrush and voila after a few minutes your teeth will be sparkling clean. Haha :D Nah~actually you still need to move the brush around your mouth but at least you don't have to brush your teeth on your own anymore. Yours truly me bought Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Power Brush some time ago to help keep my teeth cleaner. I am not lazy ok~I have my very own reason to use this Power Brush!

My powerful brush from Oral-B.

I still brush my teeth MANUALLY several times every day using the regular toothbrush. So why would I want to fork more than a hundred ringgit to buy this Power Brush? I am hoping that my Oral-B Power Brush will precisely clean my teeth especially the hard-to-reach crevices. So every time after I have brushed my teeth manually, I will use this power brush to do all the necessary "touch up" to get rid of the remaining residues of food or stains.

What's inside of my Vitality Power Brush pack!

I have always known that manually brushing our teeth alone is not enough for my ongoing war with plague! Hence I recruited this Power Brush to help me combat all those unwanted "contaminants" on my teeth. My Oral-B Vitality Power Brush uses oscillating-rotating technology which has been proven to remove more plagues and reduce gingivitis compared to a regular manual toothbrush. Contrary to popular belief, this Power Brush is actually more gentle than its regular cousin. :p

I love the grip of my Power Brush.

It comes with a charging dock too. :)

Then again this is not a necessity. I believe by choosing a good toothbrush coupled regular brushing, we can keep our teeth healthy. But if you can afford to have an extra "weapon" for your combat against plague, do invest in an electronic toothbrush . I have been using my Oral-B Vitality Power Brush for some time now, and I must admit it is really, really effective. I can feel the difference. My teeth are even cleaner than what they used to be. :p

Now~no more excuse for not brushing my teeth!

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