Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Bodyguard-Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Last year I told you guys how excited I was to finally use an original antivirus program. Remember how I boosted that Avira is my very first original antivirus software? I even stuck Avira's sticker on my laptop. However my very first original software has resigned and refused to work for me anymore since the beginning of May. Yeah! The licensed had expired and I didn't renew nor install a new antivirus until...well...last week. So it was like...I was not protected for almost 2 months...and nothing happened? Yeah! Thank goodness. Then it rang a we really still need antivirus?

My new bodyguard-Kaspersky!

Of course we need it. If not I wouldn't have invested some money to hire "bodyguard" to keep my laptop off-limits to those unwanted visitors. Let me introduce you guys to Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. Why not Avira? Let's say...the main reason is because Kaspersky happens to protect Jacky Chan and Lee Chong Wei as well. So I entrust it to do its best to protect me as well. Besides I have always wanted to try out this bodyguard. The name sounds so the limit. Haha :D

That big box only contained this CD? Ha :D

Make sure you keep your activation card for renewal purposes.

Kaspersky claims that their Internet Security 2011 has everything that you need to stay safe and secure while surfing the web. So what can the award winning technologies in Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 do to protect you from those malicious digital threats? But Kaspersky has already rolled out their latest 2012 version of Internet Security right? So this means mine is outdated? are some of the features that really turn my head and made me chose Kaspersky:
  • Real-time proactive protection against viruses and other malware.
  • Safe surf for unparalleled online security. (this is one heck of a cool feature)
  • Web toolbar to warn about links to unsafe sites.
  • Best-in-class personal firewall for keeping hackers at bay.
  • Identity protection with Virtual Keyboard and anti-phishing.
  • Unique Safe Run mode for suspicious apps & sites. (Talking about buffer zone huh!)
  • Advanced parental control with flexible settings.
  • Smart anti-spam and anti-banner protection.
  • Scanning of OS and apps for vulnerabilities.
  • Computer tune-up for better performance and protection. (It also optimizes!)
  • Rescue CD for system disinfection after malware attacks. (This might be my savior one day).
  • Automatic scheduled scans and updates.
I really loved how Kaspersky has protected me so far. It makes me feel so safe, knowing that I am utterly protected. So if you are the kind of person who surfs the net, send tweets, poke your friends and rant about your boss in blog, then you must get an internet security solution. I highly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security as it provides maximum protection and is unbelievably "light" on your computer resources as well. Beside Jacky Chan and Lee Chong Wei have given their seals of approval. What more can you ask? LOL :D

Kaspersky-ian: Chong Wei & Jacky Chan!

P.S.: I bought this Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 for RM100. Not bad at all right? I have already given the other 2 license activations to my buddies. Ha :D