Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 500GB Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive

Nowadays it is easier for us to get virtually anything which is downloadable from the internet and transferable from one computer to another computer or devices right? We are consuming way too much information, data, music, movies, photos etc. for our desktop or laptop to handle. I believe we get a bit too greedy and wanted to have everything that our eyes lay upon. Hence we need more spaces! Still remember my 1.5 TB Western Digital External Hard Drive that I shared with you guys months ago? So far I have only used a little bit of the space in that huge drive.

My new portable hard drive: Imation Apollo

I bought this 1.5 Terabyte hard drive because I wanted to safe keep all my family's priceless photos and videos for back up purposes. Like I mentioned too get a bit greedy and felt that I should get another external hard drive for my own personal use-which I did. Introducing my 500GB Imation Apollo portable hard drive. I bought this hard drive because I wanted to store my blogging files, ebooks, tutorial videos, my completed blogging projects etc. I didn't want to put all these "relatively unimportant" stuff together with my family photos and videos, so I HAD to get another portable hard drive. :)

These are the things that I get.

A free "leather" casing. Nice~:D

Although my new 500GB Imation Apollo has 1,000GB less space compared to my Western Digital hard drive, it is naturally way smaller and lighter compared to its big brother. Its pocket-size form factor allows me to take it anywhere I go. I can either put it in my laptop bag or even slipped it into my pocket. Besides that, the main reason why I love my Imation Apollo is because it is fully USB 2.0 powered. Hence it does not need any additional power supply like my 1.5TB Western Digital hard drive. Less hassle for me. Ha :D

I simply love the metal brushing finish!

For RM160, Imation is also kind enough to throw in Total Media Backup which is a nifty back up software. Besides that you will also get a free case for more protection but I doubt you need it as the casing of the hard drive itself is pretty hard. Ha :D I can't help but admire the metal-brush finish of my Imation Apollo which feels pretty robust in my palm and totally exudes with class. I love it. So have you got an external hard drive? Will you buy the bulkier but spacier 1.5TB Western Digital HD or this ultra-portable 500GB Imation Apollo? I have both. Haha :D

Stand Imation Apollo is going to blast off to the dark of the moon!

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