Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Time To Say Hello To Your Loves Ones...

When was the last time you really pick up a phone and call your friends? Can you recall? Or you are so used to the convenience and inexpensiveness of SMS that you think your voice box should get its well-deserved rest? Now tell me did all your friends called you up and wished you Happy Birthday just like they used to do when you were in the midst of blowing your candles stuck in your cake? Or did most of them just sent you and SMS or simply left a birthday wish on your Facebook wall? Of course it is better than nothing right? But then again...don't you think the way we communicate has changed throughout the years?

Nowadays we prefer SMS to calling?

They say technology is supposed to bridge the gap between people. Of course it has done its purpose with billions being invested but then again...I can't help but feel that some technology has made our lives "colder and further" with our loved ones than what it used to be. Nowadays people (especially the young ones) don't really call their friends and loved ones on the phone. They prefer to send SMS, tweet, leave Facebook messages et. cetera...does any of these ring a bell?

Some prefer to use their laptops to tweet...

Let's say you are working in KL, several hundred miles away from your are so busy making a living that you forget to stay in touch with your old folks back at home. Suddenly you recalled you haven't contacted both your father and mother for like...months? Now which do you think your parents prefer? To receive your SMS or to listen to your voice? We all know the answer to this question right? To your parents, hearing your voice is like feeling your are actually there with them.

Little Jordan likes to listen to my voice whenever I am not around.

Now imagine your girlfriend who is working in another state or country tried to call you like...hundred times but she couldn't reach you. She wanted to tell you she had a bad day in the office. Do you think sending her SMS that reads, "Don't worry honey. I am here with you. I love you." is the same as hearing your caring voice directly in real-time through the phone? I am sure she yearns to hear your  warmth and affection in your voice and tone. She doesn't want your Facebook wall scribbling! She doesn't want to receive your nudge in MSN. All she wants to hear is your soothing voice...

Wifey says she prefers me calling her rather than sending her SMS.

With the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet connection, it is easier for us to stay in touch with our family and friends. With a tap of a button and a few swipes here and there we will be able to send SMS, tweet, update Facebook status, send emails or even chat using IM. That is what I call merely staying in touch. Communicating on the other hand means you can hear a person's comforting voice at the end of the other line. Hearing your expressive voice is like 1000 times better than those soundless words sent to your loved ones phone right?

So pick up your phone call your beloved ones now.

Why calling your loved ones is 1000 times better than sending SMS or tweeting? Well...for starters you won't be restricted by the 160 characters of your SMS or the 140 characters of your tweet...more importantly hearing your voice means they can listen to you. Yes! YOU. All of us have different voices. So when you pick up the phone and call your loved ones, they can recognize instantaneously who you are just by listening to your voice. You unique voice speaks volume about you. Your voice is what we call the "personal" touch in the art of communicating. So have you called your loved ones lately?

Now's something I stumbled upon the other that might just be another reason why you should call your loved ones today. It seems that Celcom wants you to be a filial son and a dotting boyfriend. This campaign aka "Hello Money" is exclusively for Celcom users: get rewarded with CASH when you make calls. As easy as that? All you have to do is make as much calls as you can and you can win RM50,000! Let's say if you make 5 calls in a day, then you will be given a chance at winning the weekly cash prize.  So? The more calls you make = the higher the chances of you winning. seems that Celcom really wants us to start communicating huh!


Week 1 (6th - 12th June 2011)
Week 2 (13th - 19th June 2011)
Week 3 (20th - 26th June 2011)
Week 4 (27th June - 3rd July 2011)

For a period of 4 weeks, starting from 6th of June till 3rd of July, every single call that you make for your loved ones will lead you one step closer to winning. Every single winner will be chosen to grab the whopping RM50,000 cash prize! And all you have to do is call? Yep! That easy peasy. If you are not an "active" caller, you'd better hurry up as you only have like barely 2 weeks to be in the running for the contest. As for me...I think I have already submitted a lot of "contest forms" with my frequent calls to my wife and family every day. Woot! Woot! :D

Your beloved ones are waiting for you call...

So what are you waiting for? Start calling your dad, mom, brother, sister, buddies and even your pets right now. Haha :D Who knows you might be the lucky winner of RM50,000 right? Imagine what you can do for your parents with that RM50ks that you will win? Take this Hello Money contest run by Celcom as a precursor for you to start communicating with your loved ones again if you haven't. Then again it is not about the contest nor the money. Calling your loved ones is all about bonding and getting close with each other through your voice. It's time to call...