Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Sugary Facts About Children's Growing Up Milk

Sometimes we parents are really naive, aren't we? Or gullible if you want to make it sound better. Sometimes wecan be so ignorant that we are being taken for a ride (or many rides) simply because we were being perceived to be "dupable"? Strong words I am using. But that's the fact: Parents' trust are being exploited by some unscrupulous people for their own gains. We parents cannot tolerate any compromise when our beloved children's health is at stake! To us our children's health is out utmost priority.

My precious little one.

All this while I (we) have this misconception that everything put on shelve for our babies and children should be safe for them. We thought all the food produced for our little ones are safe for their consumption. Unfortunately that's not the case. Do you know that some of the growing up milk for children has as much as 13 teaspoons of added sugar in them? It's an utter shame to know that some of the milk produced for our children contain too much added sugar. It's like feeding them teeth-decaying candies?

My little Jordan being fed by his mommy. :).

We all know that milk is our children's essential food.

But do you really know what are our little ones drinking?

As parents we want to give the best for our children right? Naturally we want to provide them with the best growing up milk that we can afford. I certainly don't want my baby Jordan to be so sweet (too much sugar). However there are still a lot of uncertainties revolving the information found in the internet regarding sugars in children's growing up milk. I must admit that I was confused initially with all these so-called "sugary" information about our children's growing up milk until...I discovered that what I have known so far are nothing but myths! Luckily I managed to discover a few very important facts about my "sugary" questions.

3 Facts About Sugar In Children's Growing Up Milk

1~Sugars are...sugars Yes. No matter how you call them: natural sugars, added sugars, natural plant sugars, sucrose, glucose syrup solids or even corn syrup solids; All of them are basically the same, providing extra calories and all of them have the same ending inside a child's body.

2~Too much added sugars is the REAL problem. Actually sugars are not inevitably bad as they can provide the needed energy for our children to grow up. But they say too much of anything is never good right? The same goes to the sugar in the milk. If the amount of added sugars in our children's growing up milk becomes excessive, it will directly or indirectly increase the risk of health problems for our little ones right now or in the future.

3~'Carbohydrates' in milk powder consist of only sugar. Yes. That is a fact we parents should understand. You see, under the Malaysian Food Labeling regulations, the 'carbohydrate per serve' number in Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) on our children's growing up milk is only made up of 2 things:

  • Sugar that is naturally present in the milk powder. For your information, the only naturally present sugar in milk is lactose. The natural lactose level in a glass of standard milk is usually 11g-12g per serving.
  • Sugars that are added to the milk powder. Notice that anything that is higher than 11g-12g for 'carbohydrate per serve' in growing up milk is equal to added sugars of Handbook of dairy foods and nutrition.
You must know these 3 "sugary" facts about growing up milk.

I am sure by now you are not as confused as you were in the beginning about added sugar right? So we parents must act now in our capacity to ensure our little ones are consuming safe growing up milk which will not affect their health. We have seen how debilitating diabetes can be right? Of course we also quite aware of  the direct and indirect consequences of being an obese child. Are you going to jeopardize your children's health and future? Start doing the right thing for our little ones. Here are the 3 things that we parents can do regarding our little ones' growing up milk:

3 Things That We Parents Can Do Regarding Our Children's Growing Up Milk

1~Check our children's growing up milk powder. It is vital for us to check the label of our children's growing up milk. While doing so we should pay attention to 2 important things:
  • Find the number for 'carbohydrate per serve' in the NIP. Bear in mind that anything higher than 11g-12g is added sugars-a big NO! NO! for our little ones.
  • Read the ingredients for one of these names: corn syrup solids, syrup solids, sucrose and glucose. Why? Because these are all added sugars!
Most of the children's growing up milk indicate that they have included corn syrup into their milk formula. It looks different and certainly doesn't sound like sugar right? But it is. Corn syrup is (like mentioned aboive) is added sugar. Click HERE to find our more about corn syrup.
Check! Check! Check!

2~Taste our child's growing up milk. Yep! This is by far the easiest way for us to know if the milk our children are drinking is sweet or not. You haven't done this before? You'd better do so now. Go make yourself a glass of milk using your children's growing up milk. Ha :D

3~Share what you have what I am doing right now. They say sharing is caring right? So don't hesitate to share with the other parents what you have found out about the excessive added sugars in our children growing up milk. Blog about it, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it or you might even spread the news using more "traditional" methods such as phone calls and SMS. Enlighten the other parents now.

Remember: Our children's future is in our hands.

There you go folks! The 3 things that we can do as parents to stop those "unhealthy" milk from decaying our children's health. We don't want our precious little ones to suffer because of our negligence right? Our children depend on us to make all the important choices in life. Our ignorance is going affect our children's future adversely. So ensure that we are choosing only the "healthy" growing up milk for them. Start reading the label...and ouh...yeah...don't forget to share this post with your friends and family ok. :)