Monday, May 16, 2011

The Shoes I Secretly Bought For My Wife

Last night I brought my wife and baby to Jusco Bandaraya to buy the Osim Umist humidifier to be used in our room as we want to switch on the air conditioner quite often. Unfortunately the product has been discontinued by Osim. I believe it is because this egg-shaped humidifier was too fragile. Then we went to do some sightseeing around Jusco. We even had the opportunity to have a glimpse at the new GSC in Jusco Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. Aww...I wish I can step into this new cinema as soon as possible. Later we ventured into what I would love to call "Shoes Lane". Ha :D

The BUM shoes that I secretly got for my wifey.

Why would I wanna call it "Shoes Lane"? Well because there are a lot of shoes being sold at the plethora of shops there. Girls, ladies and women will be drooling at the sight of hundred pairs of shoes. As if those shoes high heels, sandals are FREE. That's exactly what had happened to my wife last night. My wife drooled when she saw pairs after pairs of shoes at discounted price waiting to be grabbed. Ha :D She tested a few pairs of shoes and sandals and decided to buy..ONLY one pair. I asked her if she wanted to buy another pair of BUM shoes which she was really fond of. She shook her head.

Wow...I think this look rather chic.

So I handed little Jordan to my wife and asked her to wait for me outside of the shop. While my wife was not looking, I immediately grabbed that pair of white BUM shoes that my wife love. I paid for both the shoes and quickly hid the BUM shoes inside my baby's bag and held the other one in my hand. My wife couldn't sniff anything amiss at all. Ha :D When we reached home, my wife opened my baby's bag to take out little Jordan milk bottle and diaper. She was taken aback to discover that pair of white BUM shoes in the bag. My wife's face gleamed and her smile told me she was very, very happy. Priceless.... :)