Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My UOB One Credit Card & VOX Credit Card

Sometime I ago I received an unbelievable pleasant surprise in my mailbox. This surprise came into form of 2 envelopes. United Oversees Bank (UOB) has approved my credit card applications. Now why did I say 2 envelopes? That is because I have been approved to receive 2 credit cards from UOB: One Card & VOX Card. Seriously yours truly me is really a poor chap. I have no idea why they wanna approve credit cards for poverty-stricken guy like me. (So don't kidnap me) Perhaps they wanna make me bankrupt? LOL :D

Wow...more credit cards for me?

One of UOB employees approached me sometime ago and persuaded me to sign up for UOB credit cards...which I reluctantly did. As it turns out both these credit cards offered by UOB can give me more savings and privileges in the long run compared to the ones offered by local banks. I am really amazed with the benefits that I have received so far. Not bad at all. But between these two UOB credit cards....which is actually the better plastic money? Let's see:

My 2 new credit cards from UOB. (Top) One Platinum & VOX.

My UOB One Platinum Credit Card can give me 2% cash rebate every day at leading hypermarket (Tesco, Giant & Carrefour). Besides that I will also get 2% rebate if I were to refuel at BHP stations. Not bad at all right? Apart from that I can also enjoy 5% cash rebate when I watch movies in GSC. Don't you think this kinda make my GSC-EON Movie Card redundant? Of course there are other privileges that I think you can find out on your own here.

What my UOB One Platinum Card can offer:
UOB ONE Card MerchantCash Reabte
Everyday Needs
Tesco2% cash rebate
BHPetrol2% cash rebate

Bee Cheng Hiang3% cash rebate
Bonton15% cash rebate
Chakri Palace10% cash rebate
Chakri White Knight10% cash rebate
Finnegan's5% cash rebate
Imperial China Restaurant5% cash rebate
Passage Thru India10% cash rebate
Sushi King10% cash rebate with minimum spending of RM50 per transaction
Girls10% cash rebate
Kamdar5% cash rebate with a minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt
Miss Whatever10% cash rebate
Party Princess10% cash rebate
Teddy Tales10% cash rebate
Leisure & Entertainment
GSC5% cash rebate
Tower Records3% cash rebate
Senheng1% cash rebate

My UOB VOX Credit Card is a one gorgeous card to be held in your hand. Haha :D Hmm...I don't know what to make of this card but I am sure it is for younger people who likes to go clubbing and party all night long. With this UOB VOX Credit Card you can get free access into clubbing lounge such as Envie and Vanity. Too bad I am not the clubbing kind of guy. What makes this card so special is because you can enjoy extra 5% cash rebate on first swipe of every month. Now that's cool! Anyway here's the complete list of privileges and benefits of having UOB VOX Card. Another reason why I have this card is because it is a MasterCard. :p

VOX credit card-for those who love to party!

I wanna thank UOB for approving both these credit cards for me. I really love to use both these credit cards from UOB especially my One Platinum Credit Card. It looks so white and pure. LOL :D Now...I have 4 different credit cards (3 Visas and 1 MasterCard) at my disposal...will this result in me swiping mindlessly and spend more? Of course not. I am going to use my credit cards wisely to earn me rebates and help me save more. Remember cash is always the best ok. Hmm...I am still waiting for my Jusco Credit Card to be approved! :/

So how many credit cards do you have? From which banks?