Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google Gave Me RM125 To Spend

A few days ago, I received a mail from my big boss-Google. It has been a while since I receive any letter from them. At first I thought Google mistakenly sent me my earning via cheque through air mail. But I know it is impossible since I have been withdrawing my earning through Western Union every month. I was really freaked out. So I carefully pondered, "Is this an official letter from Google informing me that my Adsense account has been suspended?". So I slowly tore open the letter. *dup~dup! dup~dup* Adrenalin caused my heart to accelerate a bit...and it turned out that the letter is...

A snail mail from Google...

The letter is an RM125 Free advertising voucher from Google to be used in their world-renowned Adwords. It seems that I receive this RM125 because I am an Adsense user. Obviously all Malaysian bloggers or Adsense users have received this RM125 free Adwords gift from Google. Still it is good money for me albeitHmm...why suddenly Google is being so generous? Or are they trying to convert us into permanent Adwords users aka advertisers so that they can earn more in the long run? Ha :D

It's a gift from Google. :)

A~ha! FREE RM125 for me. :p

No matter what I am still grateful to Google for blessing me with this RM125 Adwords voucher. It is still considered as good money to me. In fact if I am smart enough, I might even turn this RM125 Adwords voucher into real profit or even more right? As we all know Google Ad is the world most premier advertising platform in the internet. Google has the widest coverage and deepest reach. Hence it is wise for us to take advantage of its strength to either attract new visitors to our blogs or new customers to our sites.

Thanks for giving me RM125 to spend.

Here are the 5 simple steps that I need to do to set up my Adwords account:
1~Create my first AdWords account.
2~Set up my ad campaign
3~Create my ad
4~Choose my keywords
5~Redeem my RM125 offer.

Just follow the enclosed instruction on how to use AdWords.

Honestly at first it was a bit daunting for me to set up my maiden AdWords campaign. But after awhile I get the hang of it. I am sure you can too. There is RM125 for me to spend and I have channeled the traffic to one of my more money centered blog post: 18 ways on how to make money blogging. Hopefully I can learn something from this brand new experience of mine. I am going to use this free money to make more money for me. Haha :D So are you going to use your free RM125 AdWords voucher from Google? :)

Thank you Google for the FREE RM125 AdWords voucher.