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My Ultimate GSC-EON Movie Card

This morning while taking my breakfast at Tau Hoo Lee Restaurant, I received an SMS informing me that my "Ah Long Card" is ready to be collected. So off I went to the EON bank to take the "Ah Long Card" that I applied some time ago. I dubbed it as Ah Long Card because I can use the money first, then only I pay~mah. So credit card is actually quite "Ah Long-ish" right? Haha :D So folks~behold the so-called Ultimate Movie Card by GSC and EON bank. Have you applied for this card before?

GSC EON Credit Card,GSC EON Movie Card,Movie Discount Card
Finally my Ultimate movie card is here. :)

If you are an avid moviegoer, that is you, patronize cinemas like almost every week, several times each week...you know...you visit movie theaters so often that the ticket sellers know you...then you must get your hands on this GSC-EON Bank Credit Card aka The Ultimate Movie Card. No! This is not an advertorial ok! This card promises to give moviegoers lots of discounts and perks especially to those who are residing in KL!

GSC EON Credit Card,GSC EON Movie Card,Movie Discount Card
This is what I get for using their "Ah Long Card". :D

GSC EON Credit Card,GSC EON Movie Card,Movie Discount Card
So now I have to go to KL to enjoy these privileges? :(

So what are the benefits of having this Ultimate Movie Card at your disposal? Let me see...for starter, you will enjoy up to 10% discounts for all your movie tickets. Imagine how much you, your family and friends can save in the long run? This reason alone is enough to convince any movie buff out there to get this card right? :) Well...I am not going to go into details regarding what is up for grab. Here is what I have nicked from EON Bank's website:

Exclusive Movie Privileges
Enjoy up to 10% discount on normal tickets purchase when you use your GSC-EON Bank Credit Card at all GSC Outlets. Here’s how:-

Cost Per TicketDiscount Entitlement
Below RM 10RM 0.50 per ticket
RM10 and aboveRM 1 per ticket
RM 20 and aboveRM 2 per ticket
RM 40 and aboveRM 4 per ticket
RM 50 and aboveRM 5 per ticket
RM 60 and aboveRM 6 per ticket

Approval Offers 
Upon Approval, you will enjoy:
  • 1 x Complimentary Movie Ticket
  • 1 x Small Popcorn Combo Set
  • 1 x 50% Discount Voucher on Food & Beverage Purchases at GSC’s Outlets
  • 5 x Buy-1-Free-1 International Screens Movie Tickets
Priority Ticketing Lane
With your GSC-EON Bank Credit Card, you can now purchase your GSC movie tickets faster and hassle-free through our Priority Ticketing Lane.
Great Refreshments Offers
Enjoy 10% discounts for the first 3 months when you purchase your refreshments via the concessionaries counters with your GSC-EON Bank Credit Card. Subsequently, get 5% discounts on your purchase at concessionaries counters.
Exclusive Dining Privileges At GSC’s Food & Beverage Outlets
Enjoy up to 15% discounts when you dine in GSC’s Food & Beverage outlets with your GSC-EON Bank Credit Card.
Incredible Bonus Value Privileges
As a new GSC-EON Bank Principal Credit Cardholder, Platinum Cardholders will be entitled to RM100 and Gold Cardholders will be entitled to RM60 worth of Bonus Value. You can use this Bonus Value to pay off up to 50% of your ticket purchase. Below is an illustration of a Platinum Cardholder with a Bonus Value of RM100:-

Trans #
B/F Bal BV
Ticket(s) Purchase
Cost Per Ticket
Total Cost
1st Disc (up to 10%)
Payable Amt
2nd Disc (BV)
New Payable Amt
C/F Bal BV
RM 100
2x Gold Class tickets
RM 60 /ticket
RM 120
RM 5 /ticket
RM 110
RM 55
RM 55
RM 45
RM 45
4x normal tickets at GSC Pavilion
RM 12 /ticket
RM 48
RM 1 /ticket
RM 44
RM 22
RM 22
RM 23
RM 23
2x Wenesday tickets at GSC Pavilion
RM 8 /ticket
RM 16
RM 16
RM 8
RM 8
RM 15
4x normal tickets at GSC Pavilion
RM 12 /ticket
RM 48
RM 1 /ticket
RM 44
RM 15
RM 29
RM 0

Check out GSC EON Credit Card Promo Youtube Video. :p

P.S.: Of course there are terms and conditions sprinkled here and there. To find out more, click here.

So what do you think folks? Is this a deal or what? Haha :D Of course we must not forget about the GST  imposed by the government. However this can be offset by the enclosed Bonus Value Privilege (refer above). As I mentioned earlier, you will certainly benefit from it if you are the kind of person who call GSC your second home. And your friends will be more than happy to watch movie with you in the future. Ha :D Bye now  I wanna go swipe my Ultimate Movie Card!

GSC EON Credit Card,GSC EON Movie Card,Movie Discount Card
What is the first movie I should watch with my Ultimate Movie Card?

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