Monday, May 2, 2011

My Ankles Need To Be Guarded

Nowadays my ankles are in a lot of pain especially when it right now. Do you guys know why it hurts so much? Do you know that yours truly me is an avid sportsman ahem back in my secondary school days. I loves basketball so much that I have sprained my ankles like uncountable times. The main reason I am feeling excruciating pain every time I wake up from my bed is because I didn't take good care of my injuries when I sprained my ankles. :( Yes! That's the whole brutal truth about it. I think it might be...rheumatoid arthritis.

Trying my best to protect my ankles.

I will always remembered the first time I sprained my ankle. It hurt like hell. I jumped high to grab a rebound and when I made my left ankle landed on someone's else foot. I couldn't balanced myself and I could hear the "kraaaakkk" sound...a sharp pain followed and the rest I would say is history. Since that day onwards my right ankle is really weak. It would easily get sprained but the good thing does not feel that pain anymore (or so I thought) and it will magically "relocate" itself.

Invest in a pair of good ankle guards.

My right ankle has always been in good condition until...I was knocked down by a car last December! Damn it! That collision that I suffered has really affected my right ankle. The accident has truly changed my life. I needed a few months to recuperate. Until now...I still feel the pain in my right ankle when I walk...let alone running. Honestly I am sad because I can't be as active as I am in sports during my heydays. Right now both my ankles need to be guarded. I strongly advise those who have injured their ankles to wear protective gears such as ankle guard to prevent further damage to your ankle.

Believe me! If you don't take good care of them right now, you will regret!