Friday, April 8, 2011

Petronas New F1 Fuel Coming Soon

Petronas is going to unleash their new impending fuel very, very soon. Wow! a new fuel that will give us more kick? How soon? Remember that this week Michael Schumacher will be in KLCC and then he is going to burn the tracks and tyres at Sepang? I am going to let another cat out of the bag now. Petronas new fuel is said to be inspired by F1 fuel technology and will be launched on the 9th or 10th of April. That is this weekend right? I believe Michael Schumacher will be the one who is going to unveil this exciting new Petronas fuel to all of us. :)

Petronas New F1 Fuel
You need to experience to believe in this new Petronas F1 fuel!

How do I know about this brand new fuel from Petronas? Well...Schumacher rang me last night to tell meabout this. Haha :D Just kidding. Actually I discovered about this good news from Paultan. It is claimed that the new Petronas fuel will offer markedly improvement in acceleration and better fuel economy. So our cars and my bike will be experiencing more power and mileage with this new fuel loaded into our tank right? I can't wait to allow my right foot to floor accelerator with this new Petronas fuel. Ha :D

"More acceleration and mileage from our tests so far," said Izuddin.

Do you know that the making of this new Petronas fuel started 2 years ago? According to Petronas Dagangan senior general manager (retail business division) Izuddin Husaini Mohd Yusoff, the new Petronas fuel was a culmination of two years’ research using experience from the national oil corporation’s involvement in Formula 1. I also heard recently 50 lucky motorist (why I was not chosen) were given the fuel to test and they managed to clock in a combined mileage of 25,000km. I wonder how bike will turn out with this new fuel.

Petronas New F1 Fuel
Vroomm~Are you ready for the new Petronas F1 fuel?

I strongly believe that this new fuel will be something similar like what Michael Schumacher is using. LOL :D I have high hope for this Petronas new F1-inspired fuel as I really wanna test it on my bike. Are you excited already? Are you ready to use the fuel that F1 drivers are using? I am. Haha :D So for those who are eagerly anticipating for this new Petronas F1 fuel, there will be fuel promo hour on the 9th of April  from 5.30pm till 8.30pm at Petronas station nationwide. Ready to let the F1 driver in you to take over? Go to Petronas Facebook Page to find out out more about this new F1 fuel! Vrooom. :D

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