Sunday, April 10, 2011

General Hospital Is The Best In Malacca...

Frustrated... that's the word I wanna describe to what had just happened to me just now! Today I had the scare of my life when my baby Jordan's rectum bleed. My poor baby Jordan didn't pass motion for 2 days already. I don't know what is the reason his stool has become so hard...Maybe he ate too much solid food and drank too little water? Haih...anyway all I know that it hurt my little Jordan a lot. So just now around 3pm while my baby Jordan struggled to pass motion, he cried. This is the first time he cried while trying to pass motion. The moment his stool came out...his anus bleed. Both my wife and I were so shocked. Immediately we brought him to the hospital.

Poor little Jordan one the way back home from hospital...

We got into the car and I quickly floored the accelerator and headed to one of the private hospitals in Malacca-Putra Specialist. We went to see if there is any pediatric specialist and at 3rd floor. None and we were not surprised because it is Sunday. So we quickly took the lift and stormed to the emergency unit. That was when I felt like cursing the hospital. You wanna know why? I waited for 20 minutes and then only I was told that there is not a single doctor there in the emergency unit. The one on duty has gone somewhere else. Why didn't they have more doctors to stand by? I will never ever go to this lousy Putra Specialist again if I need emergency treatment. Damn it!

Then I drove to one of the clinic nearby. Thank goodness there was doctor. Just when I thought I could feel relieved...the doctor who attended little Jordan said that he refused to give little Jordan any medical treatment as he was worried that he might misdiagnose or mistreat little Jordan. He asked me to go to Malaca General Hospital. I was shocked...isn't doctor supposed to help someone who is in pain...especially a baby? Ouh....they didn't forget to charge me RM15!!! What the heck is wrong with all these private doctors?

So again I stepped hard on the gas and drove to Malacca General Hospital. We touched down at the Emergency unit and we were attended almost immediately. Within 5 minutes the doctor attended little Jordan and helped apply cream on little Jordan's anus. She diagnosed our poor baby and told us that everything will be ok. Then we went to the pharmacy to collect little Jordan's medications. All these are taken care in 15 minutes' time and without any charges at all!

So who the heck says General Hospital is not good?