Monday, April 4, 2011

I Wanna Meet Michael Schumacher At KLCC!

Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix will hit Malaysia in just a matter of days. The world biggest racing event will commence on the 8th of April. So in just a few more days, we will be watching the legendary Michael Schumacher blazing the circuit and burn some tyres in Sepang. Of course a lot of people say that he is way pass his prime, I believe he is still one of the greats that can give the young drivers a run for their money. 

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC
This is Michael Schumacher?

I have always love the life on the fast lane. When I was young I love to play remote control car and imagine that I was driving the drifting machine. Then when I first obtained my driving license, I couldn't help but enjoy riding my bike, overtaking other vehicles (especially cars) as they were trapped in bumper-to-bumper crawl. Right now I am relishing the experience of flooring the accelerator on the highway from Malacca to Taiping. The adrenalin rush makes me feel like I am an F1 driver. So how many of you are going to watch the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix in Sepang this weekend?

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC
Sometimes I am an F1 driver too. :p

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC
Ladies and gentlemen~start your engine.

The weather is so hot right now huh! Can you feel the heat and fever of F1 already? Ha :D If you happen to be in KL, do visit the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase at KLCC concourse level ok. The exhibition will take place from 2nd of April till 10th of April. A lot of activities related to F1 will be held for all we F1 fans. Do you know that you can catch even a glimpse of Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg on the 6th of April 2011 at KLCC? No joke. So all you fans out there don't forget to meet both of them this Wednesday ok.

7 pictures of F1 Mercedes GP team machine!
Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

A sleek beast machine.

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC

Petronas Malaysia Grandprix, KLCC
All pictures are courtesy of my dearest brother. :)

Remember to bring along your favourite Team Mercedes GP Polo Shirt and Cap to be autographed by both Schumacher and Rosberg during the meet the fan session ok. And ouh yeah don't forget to bring your own permanent market pen. *Sob* How I wish I can make the trip to KLCC to meet them. Besides grabbing F1 merchandise at the showcase, you can also lay your hands on the displayed F1 Mercedes machine driven by Schumacher. Wow! you think you can drive an F1 car easily? Why not pit your brain and brawn *a~hem* by driving the F1 car simulator? Don't crash the car ok.

Wanna know what else can an F1 car be used as?

So many things to do and see at the showcase huh. My brother has the opportunity to visit the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix held in KLCC as his working place is just a stone's throw away from our twin towers. I wanna go there too. I should be working in KL too huh. So if you are residing in KL, do go and have a look yeah. You can find more information about the exhibition by visiting Petronas Motorsport Facebook Page.

It is not easy to be pit stop crews right? Let alone being the driver!

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