Sunday, April 3, 2011

Facebook Comment Is Now Live On

Facebook Comment is now proudly live on my blog. I am not sure whether it is relevant or not but I guess I need to put it up as Facebook accounts for the lion share's of my direct referral traffic (non-organic). So...maybe... just maybe one day people will start using the Facebook Comment to drop me a line or two. Will you? I believe Facebook will be the integral part of our social networking lives in the future, so adding their very own Facebook Comment into my blog seems like the right thing to do. :p

Facebook Comment in Blog
You will see this later below. :)

So now apart from my more preferred Intense Debate commenting system, you can also choose to leave a comment via the Facebook Comment box. Now you can directly voice out your opinions or reactions regarding my posts straight away using your Facebook account. So where on earth is this Facebook Comment? My Facebook Comment will appear in every single post before my Intense Debate comment box (refer included screenshot). Don't worry it is very obvious I don't think you will miss it.

Just above of Intense Debate. Can you see it? :)

Apart from leaving your comment, you can also choose to "like" my post if you find it interesting (of course they are :p). Best of all, you can even broadcast your shrewd comments to your very own Facebook Profile to let your followers know what you are reading or up to in my blog. Pretty cool right? So how many of you are willing to leave your Facebook "foot prints" here? Now I can safely say that my blog is Facebook-ready with integration of Facebook Comment. Woohoo~:p