Saturday, April 2, 2011

My 1.5 TB WD Elements External Hard Drive

I had my very first encounter with hard disk when I was 15 years old. It was the first time I had a computer and of course I would love to know everything about it. Soon I realized that hard drive or storage is very important for a computer for without is like human with an amnesiac brain! My first computer had like...20GB of storage capacity. How about your very first computer? Of course these days...20GB is virtually not enough for any of us right? That's why recently (last year) I have invested in a new external storage to meet all my "digital" needs.

Western Digital Elements Hard Drive,1.5TB External Hard Drive whopping 1.5 TB external hard drive from WD!

May I present you *drum roll* very first external hard drive-1.5 Terabyte Western Digital Elements External Hard Drive! I was really excited to have this external storage (finally) knowing that I don't have to worry anymore about not having enough "spaces". So why did I get myself this whopping 1.5TB of external hard drive? is because I want to use it to store everything about my family's memories especially little Jordan's pictures and videos. Believe it or not...we have used up around 10GB of spaces already. :/

Western Digital Elements Hard Drive,1.5TB External Hard Drive
What can you do with 1.5 Terabyte of storage at your disposal?

I really think that all of us should have at least invested in one external hard disk storage. Why? To protect your priceless moments (pictures & videos) in the event of computer "failures". My computer(s) have failed me thrice in the past...forcing me to format them. Of course back then I have forgotten to back up all my valuable everything is wiped off just like that! Kaput! That is why last year I was willing to spend around RM325 to buy this 1.5 TB of Western Digital Elements Hard Drive. At least now...I have peace of mind.

Western Digital Elements Hard Drive,1.5TB External Hard Drive
This is what you will get from WD.

So do you have an external hard drive to back your valuable stuff up? You'd better get one soon. We will never know when unfortunate event will struck us right? *touch wood* Besides the price for external hard drive (even branded ones) can be quite cheap if you know where to get it from. I would recommend you to buy Western Digital Elements Hard Drive. That's one downside though...this hard drive is so huge that it needs external power supply. Otherwise 2 thumbs up from me! :)

Western Digital Elements Hard Drive,1.5TB External Hard Drive
My Saviour-I heart my WD Elements External Hard Drive.