Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Jordan Had Breakfast & Went To Temples With Us

This morning little Jordan...well he didn't have breakfast with us as he is too young, instead he accompanied us. This is the very first time little Jordan went out for breakfast on Sunday morning with my daddy. Usually little Jordan will be sound asleep on his 11inch bed, while his grandpa will be sipping his hot milk tea. However this morning our baby woke up early and he hinted that he wanted to follow his grandpa out. So off all of us went to Soon Yen Foodcourt along Jalan Tengkera.

Temple,Malacca Duck Noodle
Little Jordan & Grandpa looking around. :)

Of course we were at this foodcourt to enjoy their famous duck noodle. I believe the duck noodle at Soon Yen Foodcourt is the best in the whole Malacca. On weekends, I would say that most (90%) of the customers patronize this foodcourt  to enjoy the mouth-watering duck noodle. Do you know that they actually have a few stalls in different parts of Malacca which they operate during weekdays? But on weekends all of them will be converging at this stall to battle against the relentless volume of customers. Ha :D Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

Temple,Malacca Duck Noodle
The legendary duck noodle in Malacca. :)

Temple,Malacca Duck Noodle
The tastiest duck noodle I have ever eaten before! Seriously!

Strangely (to all of you) my dad doesn't eat duck noodle. A mystery we still can't solve for the past 29 years. So technically my father was also there to accompany my brother, my wife and I to eat duck noodle. And most of the time my daddy was busy carrying little Jordan, something he is more than willing to do. Little Jordan was equally in a good mood today. He didn't cry and his eyes kept on looking at the other customers over there. He must be curious. :)

Temple,Malacca Duck Noodle
Little Jordan and mommy in front of "Chai Teng". :)

Later all of us went to pray at Seck Kiah Eenh temple. This is the place where I always visit as my late mom is placed here. Up next we went to another temple which is just a stone's throw away. The next temple that we visited was located at the "entrance" of Jonker Walk. I don't think many of you will know it as it is not very famous. It is known as "Chai Teng". We wanted to bring little Jordan to another temple but he was too tired and sleepy already.

Temple,Malacca Duck Noodle
Our little Jordan is a big boy now. :)

Our final destination is my late grandmother's house, where we prayed our ancestors before leaving home. So little Jordan has been real a good boy this morning. Don't worry Jordan, in another few months' time you will be able to enjoy duck noodle too ok. Ha :)