Monday, March 14, 2011

Lee Chong Wei Is 2011 All England Champion!

Our man's single badminton player has won the All England 2011 crown. Who is he? The undisputed 2011 All England 2011 Champion is  Lee Chong Wei! Woohoo! I am sure millions of Malaysian fans are happy to know that our World No.1 managed to defeat his nemesis this time around. Chong Wei won the 2011 All England by beating Lin Dan 21-17; 21-17 in 52 minutes. His victory over Lin Dan couldn't come at a better time as he grabbed his second All England Crown. His win effectively denied Lin Dan his chance of claiming a historic 5-time All England crowns.

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Chong Wei is no longer in Lin Dan's shadow.

Chong Wei marched into this edition of All England final by beating Chen Long 21-17, 21-18 in 46 minutes. Likewise Lin Dan had to labor for his hard-earned win over German's Zwielber with a scoreline of 21-19, 16-21, 21-11. Both of them met each other in this final game with different "routes". Is that an indication of their forms? I would certainly say so as Chong Wei beat Lin Dan 21-17; 21-17 in 52 minutes. I must say that Chong Wei was in fiery form tonight. Lin Dan simply couldn't get ahead of him, not this final.

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Chong Wei fought tooth-and-nail to keep Lin Dan at bay.

However it is never easy when you are up against a formidable player like Lin Dan. In fact Chong Wei had to staved off a very crafty Lin Dan to claim his first set 21-17 in 23 minutes. Lin Dan was really good in front of the net but Chong Wei made sure his smashes were unreachable by his arch-rival! It was really a hard-fought first set victory for Chong Wei! I was at the edge of my seat while watching these giants dueling!

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Malaysia Boleh! We are all behind our hero-Lee Chong Wei!

The second set was a tight one. Chong Wei only managed to lead with a meager of 2 points cushion right from the start before slaying Lin Dan with 3 points to nail the second game in 29 minutes. Chong Wei made a string of unforced errors to allow Lin Dan to hang on.  However Lin Dan also made quite a number of errors. Today's Chong Wei is really different. He played with much more confidence. Chong Wei showed strong mental strength to beat Lin Dan 21-17 in the second set. So that's it. Chong Wei won in straight sets. :)

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Lee Chong Wei truly deserves his second All England crown!

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Lee Chong Wei lifting his coveted All England Cup!

To be honest, I was quite worried that Chong Wei couldn't hold on to his slim advantage. However against all odds, Chong Wei showed that he is made of steel. His determination and mental strength prevailed. Chong Wei finally showed to the whole world especially the naysayers that he can beat Lin Dan! So this All England victory is even sweeter than the one he won last year because he beat his arch-rival! Malaysia Boleh! Chong Wei Boleh! Let's watch how Chong Wei won his game point shall we?

Watch how Chong Wei scored his game point to beat Lin Dan!

Watch Chong Wei Claiming His Crown on the Podium!

Congrates to our Lee Chong Wei for beating his nemesis Lin Dan to claim his second consecutive All England crown. Hopefully Lee Chong Wei who is the defending All England champion will ride on his 2011 All England success and scale higher grounds. I  hope he will win the Olympic gold medal and the World Championship. Again! Congratulation to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for beating Lin Dan en route to winning the 2011 All England Crown. :)

Lee Chong Wei,All England 2011 Champion,Lin Dan
Lee Chong Wei-2011 All England Champion!