Friday, March 11, 2011

I We Buy Already & Get Huge Discounts!

Is there something that caught your eyes (and your heart) but you can't get it because of the insane high price? Have you ever wanted to dine in at a particular restaurant but decided not to due to the exorbitant price tag?  Now your taste buds can savour delectable food at those restaurants thanks to We Buy! There is so little that we can do on our own right? But by harnessing the power of people, we can get what we ever wanted at a cheaper price. This is what we call the power of people.

We Buy
Indeed. :)

Enter, which is a group buying site that can actually allow us to shop smarter. I love the concept of this group-buying site, because it allow me to taste those exquisite food at a cheaper price. Imagine now you can buy something that you have always wanted with a whopping discount of 50%-90%, wouldn't this  save you a whole lot of money? Indirectly you can use the extra money to spend on something else right? Smart consumers are those who know how to stretch their hard-earned money. Are you, like me-a smart consumer? :p

Look at how much discount we can get?

At, a new deal will be put up almost daily (maximum 3 days~lar). The deal will only be "activated" once there is enough people who agree to buy. Those who have agreed will be privileged to enjoy the deal. However if there are not enough people who wanted to buy, the deal will be called off. Meaning that no ones get the deal and no one will be charged. So deal or no deal is up to you. Deal?

Watch to see how actually works.

Of course there are other local group buying sites (which I don't want to mention)...but are all of them a good "deal" for us? Yours truly me don't think so. You see...the main difference between WeBuy and the other sites is quality. Apparently there are 2 distinctively different group buying sites: one focuses ONLY on the price while the other (such as WeBuy) gives you nothing but high-quality deals. From my observation, actually goes through a stringent selection process to pick only quality merchants to strike a deal for us.

Suggest a "business". I wanna go to Kissaten. :)

If you have visited WeBuy, you would have known how "clean" the site is right? :p They are not as cluttered as the others. You can clearly see what is the main deal of the moment. Another damn cool thing about WeBuy is that we can actually "suggest a business" to try and get our desired deals bargains. We can tell WeBuy the good deals that we are interested in and if the demand is good, WeBuy will strike a deal with the merchant and get our deals featured! How cool is this?

I was craving for Tapas...,Groip Buying,Discount,Groip Buying,Discount,Groip Buying,Discount,Groip Buying,Discount,Groip Buying,Discount

Besides...we keep hearing people saying that they don't know what to do (especially in KL)? They are clueless as to what they can eat...guess what? can actually give you some ideas on where to dine and where to go. So WeBuy can be used to plan your activities and outings. Heck! You can even organize a group meetings or friends reunions using WeBuy right? Not only you can enjoy quality deals (food), you can also save money! Your friends and kakis will be more than happy to chip in. :),Groip Buying,Discount

So what are you waiting for folks? Head over to or WeBuy's Facebook Page to start enjoying  great deals and save money at the same time. I have just turned myself into WeBuy's fan to get the latest deals from them. Apart from that you can also sign up for their daily email updates, where all the deals will be emailed to you. So all of you folks out there, come and join me at WeBuy. Do me a favour to blog, tweet  and Facebook WeBuy ok? Why am I telling you this? Because the more people who join me as bargain hunters, the more  quality cheap deals I can get. Muahahaha :D,Groip Buying,Discount
I WeBuy already. How about you folks?

Hold your horses! I think...I am not entirely done yet for today. LOL :D I have something amazing to share with you guys. For this weeks main deal, will be giving away an iPad 3G + WiFi for FREE– say what???? Yup! For the price of RM 0, the moment they hit the number of 1,000 buyers, one of the lucky winners (might be me or you) will be walking home with an iPad 3G + WiFi. So easy isn’t it? Faster get all your friends to hit the buy button together and we can all be standing a chance to own an iPad.

P.S.: Remember to click on this link “link here” to sign-up and receive RM 5 credit courtesy of ;)