Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Was In Taiping During Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fatt Chai folks! I was in Taiping for the past few days. Only today I have the time to say hie to all of you since my last post-1st Day of the Rabbity Chinese New Year. How was your Chinese New Year so far folks? Mine? Well...has been very tiring but extremely special because of little Jordan's arrival. This is the first time I am celebrating Chinese New Year as a daddy. So now I am officially an adult for I have started to give ang pows. How many red packets have you guys collected thus far? Don't worry there is still another 9 days left. :p

Taiping Lake Garden
Familiar sight in Taiping...

I was disappointed that our Chinese New Year is way too short. This year's Chinese New Year has not been a well-timed one. The school holiday started way to early and this had led to our celebration's abrupt halt. I was in my wife's hometown since the second day of the Lunar Calender and only made it back yesterday around  7p.m. The journey was very exhausting no thanks to the traffic jam, but I enjoyed myself very much in Taiping. It was a very memorable Chinese New Year in The City of Rain.

More to come from me. Stay tuned~Huatt ar! :)