Thursday, February 10, 2011

Limited Edition Fortune Mask USB Modems!

It is the time of the year again right? A lot of us are still very much in Chinese New Year "mode". During this festive season, most of us would be travelling back to our home sweet home to celebrate Chinese New Year right? It is the "prosperous" time for us to stay in touch and get connected with our family, relatives and friends. May I know how many of you actually bring along your laptop with you while returning to your hometown? I am like one of you too. I actually brought my laptop back to my wife's hometown in Taiping.

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
Get connected on a ladder?

Nowadays our "shrunk" mobile phone alone is not suffice for us to get connected. We still need a full-fledged computing experience with large screen for us to enjoy what we do best-playing games, listening to music, watching movies and more importantly surfing the net. Hence we need our mini but powerful USB modem to stay connected anytime, anywhere. So have you signed up for any broadband package yet? If not you better subscribe to one asap so that you don't miss any of the action while you are in your hometown.

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
Well...let me think...

While I was in my wife's hometown, I used my USB modem to stay in touch with my family and friends back in Malacca. This is truly a very convenient and affordable way for me to get connected with my loved ones. Speaking of which, do you know that Celcom Broadband is offering special broadband packages with RM10 discount for the first 3 months during this Chinese New Year? More importantly you get to choose your very own FREE Limited Edition Fortune Mask USB modem! Altogether there are 12 different "masks" for you to choose from. How so cool huh!

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask

Creative (Rat)
Unorthodox, out of the box or just plain odd, you are blessed with flair, flamboyance and finesse.
Intelligent (Ox)
Knowledgeable, wise and sensible, your strong, confident manner makes you a natural leader in the eyes of those around you.
Courageous (Tiger)
A fearless risk-taker who never turns down a challenge, you perform admirably both in the great outdoors and corporate jungle.
Charming (Rabbit)
The life of the party, you have a divine gift of mesmerizing your adoring public with your sharp wit and madcap personality.  
Ambitious (Dragon)
Armed with an unwavering perseverance and determination to succeed, you are ambition personified.
Passionate (Snake)
A lover by nature, you ooze sensuality and romance. You are quite simply irresistible.
Powerful (Horse)
A free spirit with a gift of the gab, you draw your audience with your quick wit and outrageous anecdotes. A crowd favourite.
Wise (Sheep)
Decent and trustworthy, you are virtuous to a fault. An advisor, a confidant, even a shoulder to cry on, best describes what you mean to others.
Cheeky (Monkey) 
Mischievous and good-natured, your playful crowd-pleasing personality brightens up even the dullest of moments.
Confident (Rooster)
Constantly on the go, you lead an eventful life due to your love for being part of the group, always to the delight of others.  
Loyal   (Dog)
A rare virtue in the modern age, you remain the rock of any relationship, fiercely devoted and dependable to all that matter to you.
Noble (Boar)
Unpretentious, unassuming and modest, your quiet, dignified ways are an oasis of calm amidst the madness of modern life.

I went to Tesco the other day to have a glimpse at one of these sleek Fortune Mask USB modems. Unfortunately I couldn't find my very own fortune mask-Intelligent Ox. In fact there were only 2 USB modems left. Wow! This goes to show how "hot" they are huh! I am sure you guys will have better luck. Do you wanna own one for FREE? Fret not, all you have to do is sign up for any of the Celcom Broadband Plans and voila you will get your hands on one of these 12 cool fortune masks USB modems. They are limited edition modems. So what are you waiting for? :p

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
Is this a deal or no deal?

It seems that Celcom is also in good mood during this Chinese New Year as they are offering great HUGE discounts on the Celcom Broadband MiFi Router, HPG42 Notebook and HP Mini 110 Netbook. Best of all these gadgets also comes with the limited edition Fortune Masks when you sign up for either Celcom Broadband Basic or Celcom Broadband Advance for at least 12 months. *Psst! Psst!* if you don't want to be tied down by monthly commitment, you can still own these limited edition Fortune Mask USB modems when you purchase the Celcom Broadband Prepaid start up kit. Shhhhh!

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
So do you think I should get one?

Here's another good news for all Celcom broadband users. I am pretty sure by now you might have exceeded your your broadband bandwidth volume quota right? Don't worry as you can get additional volume quota at a promotional price during this festive season: 1GB for RM12.88 and 5GB for RM38.88. So many "8" huh! Huatt~ar! Unbelievably cheap right? There are still 8 more days to go before our Chinese New Year ends, so you'd better start "reloading" your broadband quota. LOL :D

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
I am holding Cheeky Monkey!

Celcom Broadband Fortune Mask
Simply awesome!

Well, I guess that is about it from me. I'd better start searching for my Intelligent Ox Fortune Mask. I have gone to several shopping complexes in Malacca...and to my dismay...I can find NONE. I guess that is why they are known as Limited Edition heh! So you'd better make your move FAST or else it will not be a very prosperous year anymore. Haha :D Find out more at Celcom Broadband. Anyway Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again.