Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mommies: Have You Connected Your Tots Yet?

Still remember my little Jordan has this traditional hand drum? His grandpa bought this toy for him when he was only 2 months old. So he is quite familiar with this drum already. Guess what is little Jordan's reaction every time he sees his drum being spun? He will lift his arms and dances to the beat of the drum. He is so excited upon seeing his drum that he will even kick! You'd better not get anywhere near him or risk being kicked. LOL :D

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
Little Jordan experimenting his traditional hand drum. Hmm...

You see...little Jordan has already known that when the drum is spun, he will hear the beats! Hence he will dance according to the drum beats as if he can connect between the the drum and his dance. Yupe! Each time the drum is played, little Jordan will be grooving to the beat! Jordan is one connected tot alright. He can clearly relate what he is listening and seeing and later show it to us by dancing. it because of his increased number connected brain cells? Very likely right? :p

Watch how little Jordan connects with his drum. LOL :D

In my previous post: My Baby Jordan Is A Connected Tot! How About Yours?, I talked about the importance of brain cells connections for our babies and children. The more brain cells connections our babies or children have, the smarter they will be. Or in other words, our children will be more connected! Coincidently my wife and I stumbled upon a Youtube clip that really helps us to understand the importance of brain cells connections better.

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
Wifey browsing through videos in Youtube. :)

All mommies (and dads) should have a look at this interactive Youtube clip-click here to watch. It is a very engaging youtube clip  which is CLICK-able! You will discover how brain cells connections can really help develop your child's potential. My wife actually tried this and she was delighted with what she saw. In this video, you will see how a cute little girl managed to help her mother solve a problem using what she has learnt earlier. Wanna know how this little girl helped her mommy? Watch the clip to find out:

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
So what do you think she will do?

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
You can actually CLICK on the Youtube video (below) to see the outcome!

Watch and try it on your own.

Click and let's see if you get it right. :D

So did you have fun figuring out how she helped her mother? It might appear to be simple to some of you, but I am sure we, especially the parents, will be amazed to know our children are able to come out with such unthinkable solutions. And this to say the least will go a long way for our little babies' future. We know that by providing them with the best they can have, our children will grow up to become connected tots that can solve problems on their own.

Mommies Have You Connected Your Tots Yet,Brain Cell Connections
Jordan boy~our future problem-solver!

Our little Jordan is still well...little. Although right now our 6 months old baby can only "connect" with his drum, but both my dearest wife and I know that our Jordan boy will be someone very special one day. Hence we will be helping him to realize his potentials and ultimately his dreams. So what are you waiting parents? Start helping our babies and children to increase their brain cell connections. The more...of course the better. LOL :D