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My Baby Jordan Is A Connected Tot! How About Yours?

Unbelievable! My little Jordan is already 6 months old and counting. I can still vividly remember the day I was in the labor room with my wife, it was such a terrifying moment for me. Why? Because I was so damn worried for both my wife and baby. If you have read my post about my experience in the labor room, you would have known how freaked out I was. My beloved wife has really sacrificed her life for both me and our baby. I really don't know what more I can say for her unconditional love for both of us. So again...thank you sweetheart.

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
Our little Jordan.

More than 6 months have passed since little Jordan's arrival. It is not easy being a parent but it is one of life's most blissful moments for both my wife and I. Our duties as parents will not stop until the day both of us leave this world. In fact our duties as parents started even before little Jordan was conceived! What do I mean? You see it is important for my wife to prepare herself even before she is pregnant. All mothers should be prepared even before you first realized you will be one.

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
My darling wife when little Jordan was still "in" her tummy. :p

All mothers out there, ever wonder how early you can start nurturing your babies' brain? When he turns 3 months old? When he celebrates his first birthday? Nope! The answer can do it even before he is born or even conceived. Being a science stream student who was very good in biology (a~hem), I clearly understand the importance of nutrients for all expecting mothers. That was why even before my wife was pregnant I kept on asking her to take supplements...much to her annoyance. LOL :D

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
This is little Jordan's 4D scan image. Can you see his face?

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
Little Jordan's brain: A month before he was given birth.

When I was in school I was curious as to why some of my friends are smarter than me. Hence I scourged the internet to find out about this mysterious happening. Then I stumbled upon an article (Child Growth Development) which claimed that children with the more number of connected brain cells will be smarter. In other words the more brain cell connections your children have, the better it will be for their future. But how can we have more brain cell connections? A~ha! Sounds tricky right?

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
10 days old little Jordan. :)

For those uninitiated do you know that all of us have 100 billions brain cells? Yes all of us have this equal numbers of brain cells but why on earth not all of us are equally smart? This is because all of us have different numbers of brain cells connections. I found out about this secret and that was why my wife consumed a lot of supplements such as fish oil, multivitamin and drank lots of milk. For expecting mothers it is important for you to drink milk which has essential nutrients such as DHA, Folate, Iron, Calcium and especially Gangliosides. These are the "food" which will maximize your children's brain cell connections.

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
NOW...6 months plus little Jordan.
He looks rather cheeky huh! :D

Like all other parents I have always believed that preparing for my little Jordan's future is something that has to be done ASAP! That is why my wife and I are preparing him for his future by nurturing him with all the essential nutrients that he should have. Besides DHA, Gangliosides is one of the most important nutrients to help connect your children's brain cells. The more brain cells connections your children have, the faster they will learn. Hence the more Gangliosides = more brain cell connections. It is as easy as ABC right?

We played a game with little Jordan asking him where was his cloth?
Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
Where's the cloth?

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
He found it. Ha :D

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
He grabbed it.

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
And...he..."ate" it. LOL :D

Little Jordan has never failed to amazed me, my wife and his grandpa. You see, my wife and I try not to carry him all the time. Knowing that we will not always entertain him, little Jordan will turn to his grandpa and "pleads" grandpa to carry him with his eyes and of course screams. Ain't he smart? Ha :D Sometimes he will even cry when he sees me going out to work. Little Jordan is growing up alright!

Connected Tot,Anmum,Brain Cells Connections,Gangliosides
Our cheerful little Jordan. :D

My wife and I are strong believers of nurturing our children as early as possible. We want our little baby Jordan to grow up and become a smart fast learner. So far little Jordan has showed us a glimpse of his future potential. Ha :D Besides wanting him to be creative, we also want little Jordan growing to be a wise kid who can empathize. In other words, we want little Jordan to be a connected kid. Why? Because Connected Tots is the new smart! So little Jordan is drinking the best milk he can have right now. How about you? Are you giving your babies the best they can have for their future? :)

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