Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Very First Fridge Magnet Calender

Some time ago I received a letter from USA again! And I know from who that very letter was. And the name of the sender is written on the top left corner of the envelope so there is no way I will be wrong. It was from our dear blogger friend-Ayie and her family. I wonder what they are giving us this time around. Tore open the envelope and we saw...a fridge magnet. However this is not your ordinary ornamental fridge magnet. It is a Fridge Magnet Calender! My very first and it was flown all the way from United States to the land of Hang Tuah. :)

Fridge Magnet Calender
All the way from USA!

Fridge Magnet Calender from Ayie and her beloved family. :)

Fridge Magnet Calender
This is really one beautiful fridge magnet Calender

I think this is really one thoughtful gift from Ayie. This is my first receiving such a unique gift. Best of all this fridge magnet will be very handy because it is a calender. Now my whole family will know the date whenever we reach for the fridge to grab something. LOL :D Again thank you to Ayie, her husband and their darling Jariel for this wonderful new year present. :)

Fridge Magnet Calender
Look! This calender really complements my fridge right? :)