Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Jordan Laughing His Lungs Out! :D

Little Jordan does cry and throws tantrum from time to time, but other than that he is one cheerful, bubbly little baby. Still remember a few months ago, his favourite toy-Twitty aka Jacque the Peacock, made him giggle? Well...this time around yours truly me was the one to be his giant "toy" and made him laugh. You see, he was in his walker the other day experimenting with the toy on the "dashboard" of his "car". I approached him and called out to his name just like what I always do...guess what? He laughed for no apparent reason! Ha :D

Little Jordan Laughing His Lungs Out
Jordan boy~tell daddy what are you doing?

Perhaps I looked rather funny or I sounded hilarious to him? I called his name and said hello one more time and again he laughed. Ha :D So I kept saying hello while clapping both my hands at the same time. Of course little Jordan kept on laughing and laughing until he had to stop from time to time for breathers. This went on for more than a minute. I guess little Jordan really had a good laugh huh. At times he was even screaming! Can you see he laughed so hard that he was drooling? He even coughed. LOL :D

Little Jordan Laughing His Lungs Out
Hello~Jordan boy. :D

Sometimes our little Jordan can be "satisfied" quite easily. A simple gesture is enough to make him smile and laugh. This is what both my wife and I really love about him. Little Jordan is one very, very cheerful baby who never fails to brighten up our days. My wife and I hope he will grow up to be someone very cheery and keeps on making our days with his contagious smiles and laughters. :)

Watch how our baby Jordan laughed his lungs out! :D