Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Jordan's New Toy-Traditional Hand Drum

First thing first I would love to say, "Happy 2-month-old Jordan!" Time flies...just some time ago I blogged about me being in the labor room with my wife to witness the birth of our little Jordan. And now he is already 2 months old. And I am feeling old already. LOL :D Taking care of him is not easy at all. Since little Jordan doesn't have any grandma to take care of him, my wifey and I will be taking turns to look after him. Is not easy but both of us are more than happy to be his parents. :)

Little Jordan's New Toy-Traditional Hand Drum
Jordan's new toy-traditional hand drum!

Since our little Jordan is already 2 months old, his grandpa decided to get him something from Jonker Walk last night. Knowing his grandpa (my daddy), he doesn't like to be in a crowded, stuffy place like Jonker Walk. But for the sake of his first dad muscled through the flocks of people to locate the toy that he had been talking about for days. Do you know what little Jordan got from his Ah Kong (Grandpa)? It is a hand drum.

Little Jordan's New Toy-Traditional Hand Drum
Jordan looking at his Ah Kong (or is it the new toy?).

Little Jordan's New Toy-Traditional Hand Drum
Look how ecstatic Ah Kong is?

So now little Jordan has a new toy. It is a traditional hand drum bought for him by his Ah Kong. This traditional hand drum has been a popular toy for kids since ancient times. I guess my daddy wants his grandson to experience this old toy that he used to play with? How to play this traditional hand drum? Well all I need to do is to spin the handle back and forth and the 2 corded beads will hit the skin of the drum much to the delight of our little Jordan. Ha :D

Little Jordan's New Toy-Traditional Hand Drum
Jordan is simply mermerized by his new toy. :)

Indeed my little Jordan seems to like this new toy of his. Perhaps it is still very new to him? Or is it because of all the noise that this drum is making? Sometimes when little Jordan is crying, he will keep quiet and listen to the beatings of the drum the moment we spun it. Hmm...sounds like this is a good toy to keep our little Jordan in his good behaviour huh! So have you played with this little hand drum before? :)

Watch Jordan and his new toy-the traditional hand drum

Look how excited Jordan is. :)

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