Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twimbow-The Best Twitter Client Ever

Never have I written a blog post, talking about Twitter client. Why? Because none is worthy to be mentioned in my blog until...today! Today I am dedicating this post to Twimbow for being the best Twitter client that I have ever used! My claim might be bold but I am sure that my experience from using this awesome Twitter client totally justify my assertion. Please step aside you bulky Tweetdeck and messy Hoosuite, here comes the Twimbow!

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
The main Twimbow dashboard.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
The unique "monitor" of Twimbow.

In the past I have tried using a lot Twitter clients, be it web-based clients or desktop applications. But none of them can really make fall in love with them. Some of them crashed even before I did anything; Some made me feel Tweeting is like walking in one huge giant maze;  Some well...did not even meet my simplest requirement. In the end these over-hyped Twitter clients even make hate them. Too bad huh! Twimbow on the other hand is really different.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
You can update your tweets with different colours. :)

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
Easily interact with your followers.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
You can also easily share what you have discovered.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
You can also easily find out more about your follower instantly.

For the first time in my Tweeting life, I have used a Twitter Client and stick with it for more than a week! Ever since I jumped onto the Twimbow Bandwagon 3 weeks ago I have been loving every single minute of using it.  After using Twimbow, tweeting has never been the same anymore for me. I have to thank Sakariwrites for inviting me to use Twimbow. It is truly a privilege to be able to use Twimbow which is still in closed beta.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
You can read news, blog posts, links inside of Twimbow itself. :)

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
You can view picture.

Twimbow Review,Best Twitter Tool
And of course Youtube videos.

The thing I love about Twimbow is that it is really easy to use it. It allows me easily track those important tweets that matter to me. One of the most unique feature I discovered in Twimbow is its "Monitor"! You can easily add lists or anyone that you wanna give more emphasis on to your Monitor. This dashboard allows you track and interact with your readers in a more exciting way. Wanna know more about Twimbow? Here's what Twimbow is in their very own words:

Exclusive Features of Twimbow:
- color code your tweets
- color code users and filter them in/out
- share songs with other Twimbow users
- special graphics and music tags (#rainbow, #rainy, #angrybirds...)
- the Reader, to view articles /blog posts without leaving Twimbow
- save links to Instapaper
- share pics through Pikchur
- preview images from Twitpic, Plixi, yFrog, Pikchur, PicPlz, Instagr.am
- preview and play videos from YouTube and Vimeo
- realtime monitoring of users, lists, keywords and tags through the Monitor
- share tweets on Facebook, Google Buzz or by Email
- powerful multi-tabbed profile browser

5 reasons why you should switch to Twimbow:
1) Twimbow is faster: If you are using Twimbow and you used other clients in the past, you can easily confirm this. If you are not using Twimbow yet, you'll be impressed by its speed. You do things faster on Twimbow. Period. 2) Twimbow is colorful: Forget the b&w experience of other clients. Twimbow enhances your Twitter experience with lots of colors you can use to make your Twitter lifer better. 3) Twimbow invents: Twimbow doesn't copy. We invent new, unique and effective ways to get the most out of Twitter. Forget crowded user interfaces, no other clients/social browsers offer what Twimbow offers. Twimbow is set to create a new way to "consume" social media. 4) Twimbow is portable: If you have a browser, you have Twimbow. Forget AIR. Forget installers. Just go to http://www.twimbow.com and use it. Wherever you are. 5) Twimbow is, simply, cool: Which I agree. :)


So what say you? Care to give it a try? You might fall in love with it instantly just like how I do right now. Twimbow is still in closed beta and only provides around 20% of the features it will provide when out of beta.  Wow! Twimbow is already damn good in beta, I can't wait to see and enjoy the complete features. You need to be invited to enjoy Twimbow. Fortunately you can get an exclusive invite just by sending a tweet containing the tag #needtwimbow invite and in no time you will be receiving one! :)