Monday, December 27, 2010

I Witnessed Jesus' Birth...

First thing first Merry Christmas to all of you. How was (is) your Christmas everyone? Did you receive a lot of gifts? As for me...I don't really celebrate because I am a Buddhist. However I did attend a few Christmas parties including one threw by my wife's colleagues. At there, I couldn't believe I actually witnessed the birth of Christ in the legendary stable. I saw Jesus was surrounded by a lot of farm animals upon his arrival. The 3 Kings were there too celebrating the King of all Kings! Don't believe me?

I Witnessed Jesus' Birth
Little Jordan and his new friend. :)

I Witnessed Jesus' Birth
Aww...I love this Christmas decoration. :)

I Witnessed Jesus' Birth
So let us adore Him shall we?

I Witnessed Jesus' Birth
This is really, really beautiful. :)

It is a very thoughtful Christmas decoration commemorating Jesus Christ right? It is simple but the meaning is really profound. Usually there will only be Christmas trees and tonnes of gifts thrown under the decorated tree...but this "Birth of Jesus" decoration is the first I have ever seen in my entire life. This is the real meaning of Christmas right? Not about those lavish gifts and the fictitious Santa that are made popular by businessmen. Christmas is all about the advent of the Christians' saviour-Jesus. Wait...where was the little drummer boy?

Oh~here you are little drummer boy. :D

I hope you enjoy this short animation just like how I do. I wonder if this little drummer boy did appear back then? I wanted to snap more what we feasted...too bad we were too busy taking care of little Jordan. Anyway Merry Christmas to all of you again...and happy new year. :)