Sunday, November 21, 2010

How To Check YES 4G Coverage In Your Area

Two days ago, which was Friday, YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet was finally launched at Lot 10, KL. A lot of us were anticipating for YES. After all we have had enough of Screamyx, terrible coverage with the existing wireless broadband providers and insane exorbitant price (especially by Maxis). So approximately 2 weeks ago when Malaysians got to know about YES, we were all jumping up and down like crazy because this might just be the right plan for all of us. Yes! YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet is seen as our Saviour for better internet connection and affordable price.

YTL YES 4G Mobile Internet,4G Broadband
Have your life been YES-ed?

When YTL's YES 4G was first announced, a lot of us wanted to know more about their packages, prices and more importantly coverage right? So have you guys seen YES magic cube? Ha :D The one which displays the price, data, talk time and sms that you will get? Now here's the good news: For 9 cents you will get 3MB of data or 1 minute of talktime or 1 SMS. This is one crazy deal because you only pay for what you use. I am sure casual internet users such as me will welcome this plan. Why? Because I don't download music or movies using the internet. Best of all there will be rebates (up to 30%) given after your usage reaches certain level. Now who can resist such a plan?

YES 4G Mobile Internet,YES Coverage
I must confess that I am one of those avid fans of YES. In fact I even wrote a post hoping that YES will come to Malacca. So is my prayer answered? You see I tried to access YES's website again and again on Friday (19th November), but I couldn't. Apparently someone has hacked the website causing it to be jammed. When I finally could (yesterday), I am disappointed to know that my area has NO coverage at all. I thought Malacca is a developed state? :( Haih...I hope YES can listen to my prayer and answer them as soon as possible.

YES 4G Mobile Internet,YES Coverage
*sob* No YES coverage in my area. :'(

For those of you who are enjoying the privilege to use YTL's YES 4G Mobile Internet, why don't you tell me your experience? Is YES really good? And for those of you of want to subscribe to YES 4G mobile internet, make sure you check to see your area is covered by YES or not. You can do so by visiting YES Coverage Map Website ( *Sob* YES claimed that 65% of peninsular Malaysia will be covered but why not in my area? Why I cannot use YES 4G? Why?