Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watch Me Live On 8TV's Quickie Tonight

Tekkaus (me~lar) will appear in 8TV's Quickie tonight at 11p.m. This is the secret that I wanted to tell all you guys especially my avid readers. No this is not a joke folks. If you don't believe me, tune into to 8TV tonight at 11pm to catch Quickie and you will know that I am not lying. Truth to be told, even I can't believe that for the first time in my life I will be on TV. So don't forget to catch a glimpse of me-Tekkaus, on 8TV tonight (18th Novermber) at 11p.m. ok. It will be one historical day for me.

Tekkaus, 8tv Quickie

Wait a minute...Tekkaus on 8TV's Quickie? Why? I am sure a lot of you are wondering why I will be appearing on TV right? That my have to discover on your own by watching the program. Perhaps some of you have already known about this. Then again...some of you might be disappointed. I will be "on" 8TV today but not in my real flesh. I can't make it because the program will be televised in KL at the 11th hour. Besides I have a job to do in Malacca at 7am.

Tekkaus on 8TV Quickie
Remember to grab your remote!

Nonetheless my name-Tekkaus, will be mentioned and they might even share with you the interview that we had earlier. If you want to know why I will be on TV, grab the remote and keep it until 11p.m. Don't forget to WATCH me in action later ya. :D