Saturday, October 16, 2010

Proton Inspira's Price & Loan Rates List Leaked

Some of us can't wait for the official launching of Proton Inspira already right? Fans or would-be-buyers of Proton Inspira must be scratching their heads, wondering about the price of their dream car. Guess what? I have just obtained a so-called "confidential" price list of Proton Inspira. This list was emailed to me by one of my readers. So for those avid Proton Inspira fans out there, here's the complete OTR (On The Road) price list of Proton Inspira. Also enclosed are the interest rates for the different loan tenure that you wish to take. Ready?

Proton Inspira Price List,Proton Inspira Loan rates
Proton Inspira complete price list has been exposed.
But is this the real deal?

First thing first I am sorry to tell you (if you are not aware) that Proton will not be giving away 5 years warranty under the EWP (Extended Warranty Program) anymore. However you can still enjoy the EWP if you opt for the special financing package provided by the respecitve banks. Altogether there are 8 banks for you to choose your finacing package. They are Ambank, Maybank, Bank Islam, RHB Bank, Affin Bank, EON Bank, Public Bank and Proton Commerce (this is a bank?).

Proton Inspira Price List,Proton Inspira Loan rates
Click to enlarge the Original price list. seems that the smaller engine capacity (1.5 to 1.8L) Proton Inspira will have higher interest rates compared to the 2.0L premium Proton Inspira. Why is that? Moreover you have to understand that if you opt for the special EWP offered by the banks, the interest rates will be marginally higher (a whopping 0.2% difference) too. The choice is yours folks. Hopefully you will find one financing package that suits you.

Proton Inspira Price List,Proton Inspira Loan rates
Interest rates provides by the banks for the different models.

How about the Proton Inspira's price then? I am surprised to know that there are different pricing if Proton Inspira is sold at different places. Perhaps I am too ignorant before this. Do you know that the Proton Inspira sold on the duty-free island-Langkawi, will at least be RM7,000 cheaper compared to peninsular Malaysia? WHAT? WHY? Goodness. If the difference is so damn huge, I suggest that all of us get our Proton Inspira from Pulau Langkawi. LOL :D Anyway please refer to the complete price list.

Proton Inspira Price List,Proton Inspira Loan rates
Complete price list of Proton Inspira. Where you are going to buy yours?

So what say you folks? Do you think the price is what you are expecting? If yes, book your Proton Inspira  now for just RM1000 to enjoy 2 years service package for free. Bear in mind that this promotion ends at the end of the year which is 31st December 2010. I hope with revelation the of Proton Inspira's complete price list and loan interest rates, you can decide better about buying Proton Inspira.