Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall

Spider-Goat, Spider-Goat, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Goat. Haven't you heard? There's a goat which was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Now this Spider-Goat is on the lose. Wait...this just came in a few minutes ago...there are not only 1 but dozens of these Spider-Goats have been spotted terrorizing Italy. Goodness...what will these Spider-Goats do? First we have to locate them.

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall
There you are Spider-Goat!

This brings us to Cingino Dam in the Italian Alps. Well what do you think about the picture (belove) of the Cingino Damn? Breathtaking right? I wonder how many years were needed to build this magnificent mega structure. I am hundreds of animals lost their habitats because of this damn dam. Then is a sight to behold. But wait...did you look really closely at the picture? Squint both of your eyes a bit and focus...

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall
Click on the picture to enlarge!

So did you manage to spot anything? Those specks on the wall of this near-vertical 160 feet damn were what we are looking for-Spider-Goats! Ok, ok. Enough nonsense from me. Actually these so-called Spider-Goats are Alpine Ibex Goats. They are animals of mountainous habitats. Besides able to live on sparse vegetation, these Ibex are hardy and very agile. That explains why these Ibex are literally "crawling" on the face of the 160 feet Cingino Dam!

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall
The agile hiker-Ibex!

The following incredible pictures show us how agile these Ibex are. They were actually wandering across the face of this near vertical Cingino Dam totally oblivious to the fact they they might fall off. Well these gravity-defying Alpine Ibex goats usually inhabit steep, rocky terrains at an insane altitude of up to 4,600 meters. Do you know that they have no qualms whatsoever if they fall off those higher grounds? Look at how they were conquering the Cingino Dam:

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall
Spider-goats in action!

Spider-Goats Crawling On The Wall on earth they got up there in the first place?
Look closely. They were licking the stones right?

What do you think? Can we do that? I think I might fall off immediately. Do you know what these Alpine Ibex goats were doing climbing across the dam? No, they were not trying to show nor fooling around. They were licking the stones for their salts. Wow! Very health-minded huh! Hmm...I am wondering how they managed to move so swiftly at such a hazardous places? I believe they are used to such extreme surroundings right? After all they are what we call...Spider-Goats!

Watch how these Spider-Goats crawled the face of the Cingino Dam

Pump up your volume to listen to the Spider-Goat song!