Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Sing Do Re Mi For My Little Jordan

I can proudly say that my little Jordan likes to listen to the songs that I sing for him. The moment I sing him songs, he will start to smile. I really love to see him smiling, it is like watching the warm, gleaming sunshine. Every time when he is not feeling happy, I will sing him a song and he will be back to his usual cheerful self. Do you know that the Sound of the Music's Do Re Mi is one of his favourite song? The moment I sing this song his eyes will be looking at me attentively.

I Sing Do Re Mi For Little Jordan
Of course Jordan boy. :)

And do you know that I used to participate in a singing contest when I was 9 years old back in primary school? Can you guess what song did I pick? Haha :D It was Do Re Mi and I screwed it. How ironic. So right now I sing Do Re Mi to my little Jordan at least a few times a day to keep him entertained. Yeah! He won't get least not yet. The best part is my little Jordan really likes to listen to me singing even though I can't sing at all. Each time I start to sing he will smile, laugh and sometimes he might even sing along with his "baby language".

Daddy sing Do Re Mi for you ok little Jordan.

Do - a deer a female deer
Re - a drop of golden sun
Mi - a name I call myself
Fa - a long long way to run
Sol- a needle pulling thread
La - a note to follow so
Ti - a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do

Did you notice that he is really paying attention? If I wasn't holding a camera, he would have been smiling and laughing more. Ha :D I love to sing little Jordan songs because he will not complain. Sometimes he even have to listen to me singing before he goes to sleep. How about you folks? Do you sing songs for your little one?