Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 4 Types of Blogger. Which Is You?

Do you have a blog? Every day thousands (or maybe millions?) of blog appear in the internet. Now let us categorize these blogs that we see in the blogosphere shall we? The thing is there are at least 3 main types of blogger. The 4th one is actually a combination of these 3 main types. If you are reading this post right now, you are probably a blogger too just like a lot of us. Besides these four types that we are about to discuss, let me know if I have left out any other type of blogger ok.


Now let me present you the 4 types of blogger:

1~Neo-journalist. They are also known as pundits, the ones who gain the most media attention. They blog about the current affairs and politics. They were the ones who caused the Tsunami in our 2008 general election. Although a lot of them have already gone, some are still alive and kicking. They should also be credited for the rise of bloggers in Malaysia.

2~Personal blogger. This is the most common of them all. This type of blogger would be the one who keeps a personal blog, or a journal/diary type of blog. Gone are the days people keep a diary which keeps all their secrets. Nowadays these digital diaries are for narcissists. :p You know, they will posts loads of pictures of himself of herself (aka cam-whoring) or posts pictures of the food they have devoured. This type of blogger will also write about his day, what he did and where he went. This type of blogger likes to rant and vent out his emotions.

3~Problogger. This must be one of the fastest-rising type of blogger. They (including me) blog to earn money. Someone once said, "Used to be that we tried all kinds of ways to get rid of the ads from our blogs. But now everyone seems to want to put ads on their blogs." Adsense broke the deadlock on earning a living online. And now with the advent of local advertising company like Nuffnang, Adverlets and Innity, it is possible for everyone especially Malaysian to make money from blogging. Now blogging has become a full-time job for a lot of bloggers.

4~Rojak Blogger. A~ha, "Rojak" literally means mixed. So it can be known as hybrid? The 4th type of blogger is the hybrid between the above 3 types of blogger. I believe I am in this category. Or I should at least say this blog of mine-Tekkaus, is a rojak blog. I am more of a personal blogger but with a little mixture of problogger and neo-journalists. Then again I like to blog whatever topic that I am interested in. So are you a rojak blogger too?


So the question now is, which type of blogger do you want to be? Do you want to write about the political affairs and end up just like Raja Petra, seeking refuge in other country? Or you are simply tired of sending out mass e-mails and would want to ask your friends to read your blog. Then again, wouldn't it be awesome if you could make money just by sitting down and do what you love the most-blogging? No need to be a slave in your office anymore! Sounds so enticing right? :)

If you are not what I have mentioned above, please let me know ok. I am curious too. So what type of blogger are you folks? Why do you wanna be that type of blogger?

P.S.: Sorry there is a typing mistake in my poll. It should be "personal" instead of "personel". But I can't change it anymore. :(