Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Heart Salmon Sashimi So Much

As you guys have already known, last Saturday I went out with my wife and came back realizing my blog was missing right? Honestly I was not really freaked out as I knew...everything will be ok again. Ha :D But then I was a little bit worried because...my earning would have dropped tremendously which it did. It was around 11pm then...and  my wife asked me to stop what I was doing. Then both of us had our supper. Yupe! We ate the sushi that we had bought earlier in Jusco. Woohoo! Sushi!

Salmon Sashimi
Guess where I was looking at?

Both my wife and I are sushi-philic. If you have been following my blog for more than a year, you would have known that last year, my wife and I went to have our expensive indulgence at Yuzu. Yeah! We love to have a bite or two on these chilled food originated from the Land of Rising Sun. Wait...let me rephrase...my wife loves Sushi...and I love anything that comes with Salmon. That was why my eyes were instantly glued to this package filled with those glorious orange filler-Salmon!

Salmon Sashimi
I only want those orange salmon fillets...aww...

These were what we bought.

I don't know why I love Salmon so much. It is very, very instinctive I have to say. Perhaps I used to be a grizzly bear pouncing on those poor Salmons trying to swim upwards the Salmon River in Idaho to spawn? Beats me. Maybe the vibrant orange hue of the salmon makes it so damn appealing to my senses. My mouth will water at the sight of these nicely cut orange fillet. Ok...enough talking. Those salmon fillets are calling out for me (can you hear it?) I am coming salmon. Ha :D

Salmon Sashimi

I must say that these salmon sashimi prepared by Jusco Aeon was really fresh. Every time I sunk my teeth into the orange salmon fillet, I could feel the juice of salmon slowly making its way into my mouth. OMG! Glorious salmon. The soya sauce and wasabi really complemented the salmon sashimi flawlessly. RM16.90 for these tantalizing salmon fillet is really a steal. Why didn't I get two boxes then?

Salmon Sashimi
I heart Salmon Sashimi sooooooooo much!