Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Girl Killed After Sex With 3 Boys On The Roof

Shocking and really disgraceful! Have you heard about the news where a 12-year-old girl fell to her death after she was caught red-handed for having sexual intercourse with 3 boys on top of a roof! I just couldn't bring myself to believe this is happening in Malaysia! I mean how could a girl who had just hit puberty would want to have the pleasure of flesh? The worst part is...she was a promiscuous whore who had sexual romping with 3 teenage boys. OMG!

Girl Killed After Sex With 3 Boys On The Roof
The red arrow showed how the girl fell to her death.
Inset: The girl whore who was lying motionlessly after the tragic fall!

This jaw-dropping news happened on the roof of the Lestari Apartment, Damansara Damai in Petaling Jaya on Sunday (25th of October 2010). Apparently residents in the apartment claimed that the girl had been spotted going up to the rooftop of the building several time with different teenage boys. It is also reported that this girl would skip her tuition classes just to have sex with the boys on top of the roof. Goodness. She was whoring around at the tender age of 12? Where the hell are their parents? What were their parents doing? I wonder how and when all this immoral hobbies of them started! Crap!

Girl Killed After Sex With 3 Boys On The Roof
At their sex den. They really made themselves comfortable huh...

So last Sunday a few residents have had enough of their vile activities, gathered and stormed up the roof to see what was actually happening. When these residents reached the roof, they couldn't open the locked door.  The residents rattled the door trying to open it and this alarmed the the girl and the 3 teenage boys. So the kids who were having sex panicked and tried to flee. The girl tried to escape by climbing down the wall...unfortunately...she slipped and fell to her death.

Girl Killed After Sex With 3 Boys On The Roof
The invention of condoms have make everything worse...

A 16 years old boy was detained by police. It is said that the malicious 16 years old teenager had been in and out of the police station at least 4 times due to various offences. He was also kicked out of the school some time ago. Unfortunately the other 2 boys managed to escape and police are hunting for them. The residents checked the roof and found a lot of used condoms, a bra and an underwear. Guess what else was found on the roof? Straw mattress for these idiotic kids to have their sexual fantasies!

Girl Killed After Sex With 3 Boys On The Roof
The 3 boys should be stoned!

You know what? This news totally disgust me. The girl...who was very young...totally deserved this tragic ending! YES! It is her choice and she had this coming! Sorry I have no sympathy for her. But I feel terribly bad for her parents and my deepest condolence to the grieving family. As for the boys...I hope police were able to catch all of them...and severely punished them! They should be in school studying hard to contribute to our nation. But instead...they were up on the roof whoring around like beats! all boils down to bad parenting! :(

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